School Bans Teacher From After School Tutoring

High School Guppies Rally For Gay Teacher

Hawaiian high school students want to teach their principal a lesson: anti-gay discrimination ain’t cool.

Students at Nanakuli High and Intermediate School claim openly gay science teacher Kenneth Kauffman has been the target of homophobic gossip and the school refuses to do anything about it. When one student, the pictured Aaron Barrozo, went to school principal Dr. Levi Chang, he was punished! That’s some bad education. Chang, of course, refused to comment. He did, however, ban Kauffman from extracurricular tutoring. Nice.

Now Barrozo and his socially conscious friends are calling on Chang to change his anti-gay ways. Says one student: “Gay people should be treated equally like everybody else because they’re same like us.”

In addition to their inaction and tutor prohibitions, the school reportedly forced Kauffman to take down his school room’s decorations. That’s just cruel…