Aren't They Just Precious?

High School Homos Voted Homecoming Princes

Davis Senior High School found itself some new royalty recently.

For the first time in the Monterey, California school’s history, students voted two men as their homecoming prince and – er – prince. Brandon Raphael and Kiernan Gatewood were honored by their peers when they won a school wide election for the annual honor.

While some schools would be torn apart by such a ruling, Raphael and Gatewood’s community rallied around them, much to Raphael’s surprise, “I thought the administration would have more to say about it.” The school principal didn’t comment on the story, but said that he hoped to keep it “low-key”.

While the boys were surprised by the news, they definitely welcomed it. Says Raphael, “We wanted to be nominated and win.” Adds Gatewood, “Just like anybody else.” That’s sickeningly cute.