Cosmopolitan, please

High School Teacher Suspended for Taking Students to Gay Bar

Let’s just get this out of the way: She was suspended for letting the 17- and 18-year-olds drink at the bar, and not because the bar she took them too was of the homo variety.

“A Butler Tech teacher submitted a letter of resignation Thursday, April 16, after she admitted to taking four Edgewood High School cheerleaders to a gay bar in Dayton, where the students had been drinking, said Bill Solazzo, Butler Tech marketing director. Lori Epperson, 37, taught marketing at Edgewood High School through a partnership with Butler Technology and Career Development Schools. Epperson apologized in an April 10 e-mail to Edgewood High School Principal Bob Buchheim and Butler Tech administrators and admitted that she accompanied three 18-year-old students and a 17-year-old student to a bar in February. Butler Tech later found out the bar was Club Masque, Solazzo said. According to Epperson’s e-mail, the four students went upstairs in the bar, where someone they knew apparently bought them alcohol shots and cosmopolitan cocktails, Epperson wrote in her e-mail, saying she observed this after following them upstairs, Solazzo said. Before Epperson gathered the girls to immediately leave the bar, one of the young women was found sick in the bathroom, he said.” [Dayton Daily News]