Do Tell

DADT Repeal Hasn’t Destroyed American Military, Says Highest-Ranking Marine


Remember when General R F. Amos thought that openly serving gays would be a “distraction” to unit cohesion? Turns out the homosexual wandering eye is not actually ripping Marine morale apart at the seams!

Amos, HBIC of the Marines, opposed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell last year during wartime but now says of the change in policy: “I’m very pleased with how it has gone.”

Amos and his wife are even meeting gays — and lesbians — in real life! At the Marine Corps Ball last month, he says that his wife encountered the strange new phenomenon of a happy monogamous lesbian couple first-hand: “Bonnie just looked at them and said, ‘Happy birthday ball. This is great. Nice to meet you.’ That is happening throughout the Marine Corps.”

What would her reaction have been prior to the repeal? Breaking out the smelling salts and fainting onto a American flag-upholstered chaise longue? Or calling her husband over to make sure the two were promptly ejected from the service?

Seriously, though, this news is very good, especially considering that last year 45 percent of Marines thought that the repeal would negatively affect combat readiness (in those who serve in combat roles, the figure was 56 percent). We’d like to see that survey reconducted, stat.