Hil Makes Big, Gay Bucks

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton hopped over to Los Angeles this weekend for a little gay-friendly fund raising.

The jet-setting senator from New York certainly kept herself busy as she popped into the U.S. Conference of Mayors, a fund raiser at the Biltmore Hotel and the LGBT center, the last two of which were both sponsored by Yashar Hedayat, the LGBT chair of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. The final event drew the likes of Marisa Tomei, Patricia Wettig of Brothers & Sisters, as well as queer crooner Todd Murray and out actor David Marshall Grant.

No doubt Clinton’s pleased with the results of her cross country trip: the politico reportedly raked in $200,000 for her campaign. She also apparently got a bit snippy with a sassy voter:

…There was only one somewhat rude question by a young man who said Clinton sounded scripted. Apparently she “schooled” the questioner, suggesting that the he try giving 10 speeches a day. When the cheers died down, she added, “And that wasn’t scripted.”

Girl knows how to keep those boys in check, huh?