Liar liar

Hilarious Hope Hicks “white lies” memes are blowing up the internet

Another one bites the dust.

During a nine-hour testimony this week about what she did or did not know concerning Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election, White House communications director Hope Hicks admitted to Congress that working for Donald Trump occasionally involves telling “white lies.”

Thats, like, NBD, right?

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Insiders say that Trump was furious at 29-year-old Hicks, who, up until then, had been one of his longest and most loyal staffers, for admitting what everybody already knew: That he’s a lying sack of sh*t.

The next day, Hicks announced her plan to resign from the White House.

Girl, bye!

Memers have been having a field day with the latest Trump Administration casualty.

Scroll down for our favorite Hope Hicks “White Lies” memes (so far!)…

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Another one bites the dust. #hopehicks

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