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Hilarious memes highlight the absolute absurdity of Donald Trump’s wiretapping paranoia

So Donald Trump’s latest conspiracy theory involves President Obama, who Donald says wiretapped the phones at Trump Tower during last year’s presidential campaign because, well, we’re not entirely sure why. Who knows? Who cares? The whole thing, like pretty much everything else Donald tweets, is complete and utter B.S.

The claims were made during an early morning tweetstorm from Donald’s personal account:

A spokesperson for Obama was quick to release a statement saying his administration never spied on private citizens. And pretty much everyone–left, right, liberal, conservative, Democrat, and Republican–has also repudiated Trump’s bogus claims, and here’s why:

In order for Obama to have wiretapped Trump’s phones, a federal judge would have needed to approve a warrant for him to do so, which would mean there would have needed to be probable cause that Trump had committed a federal crime or was a foreign agent.

Yet, Mr. Trump insists it’s absolutely true, going so far as to send poor Sean Spicer out to tell reporters that the White House believes “there’s no question that something happened.”

Scroll down for our favorite memes highlighting the absurdity of Donald Trump’s bogus wiretapping claims…

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  • tomron

    Those who dismiss the possibility of Obama’s wiretapping because he’d have to get a warrant from a Federal Judge are forgetting one thing: He could get a Federal Judge of Mexican descent. Lol.

  • GayEGO

    Obama would not waste his time or our taxpayers money on der dRumpf! Donnie is having another hissy fit because his pick – Sessions got caught lying about his connections to Russia, so Trump tweets fake comments about Obama wiretapping the Trump Tower.
    I like the picture of Obama peeking in through Trump’s window, it makes me laugh!

  • He BGB

    It’s distraction. And it worked. Nobody remembers Sessions. He recused himself. Nobody seems to want to see those tax returns anymore either. Pivot and distract.

  • Mo Bro

    Obama never spied on anyone?
    Angela Merkel would kindly disagree.
    As would the president of Mexico.
    And reporter James Rosen.
    And that’s just a sampling of those which came to light . . .

    • OrchidIslander

      You mean the President of Mexico who had this to say about Trump?

      “A “so-called” President is calling a real President and true leader: bad and sick guy. What a shame, America you need to do something now!”


      “@realDonaldTrump is more aware of what happens in reality TV than his own country. He’s a very bad apprentice of politics!”

      The NSA’s wiretapping of Merkel has been reported as starting as early as 2002. It ended with Obama, though he did have some explaining to do with European allies.

    • mhoffman953

      @OrchidIslander The President of Mexico never said those things. You are fake news

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