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These hilarious Trump truck memes are a fitting end to an insane week

It’s been an insane week in Washington, D.C. Rumors that Donald and Melania don’t share a bed began circulating. Trump threatened to sue a 17-year-old girl over kittens, then he told Time magazine he’s psychic. And Ivanka got her very own office in the White House, despite the fact that she has no official government job.

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On top of that, the Republican plan to kill Obamacare was a complete joke. The Trump campaign has been accused of collusion with the Russians and is being investigated by the FBI. Oh, and the Keystone Pipeline was approved.

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Oh, and then, amidst all that, Donald Trump managed to find time to climb aboard an 18-wheeler and live out his lifelong childhood fantasy of being a Mack truck driver for all the world to see. Lucky us!

Scroll down for the best Donald Trump riding a truck memes (so far)…

Now honey, give someone else a turn! #TrumpTruck #Jokes #CalmDown

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Is he changing jobs? #trumptruck #largemarge

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?#TrumpTruck #Trump1000 #HowHeSeesHimself ?

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I have the best farts. (Ripppppp, with Doppler effect). Ya hear that!? HUUUGE! #trump #trumptruck

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Terminator 2 1991 Dir: James Cameron #trump #truck #trumptruck

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“Witness me!” #TrumpTruck

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#trumptruck Trump loves trucks. The President is a loser.

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#tbt to when we elected a small child?? #tinyhands #trumpinatruck #trumptruck #macktruck #baby #manchild #merica

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