Hillary and Chelsea’s Oregonian, Lesbianic Push

Today’s Indiana and North Carolina primary votes haven’t yet been totally tallied, but Hillary Clinton‘s already looking toward Oregon, which holds its vote on May 20.

The Senator recently released a new ad – included after the jump – urging Oregonians to vote for her education, Iraq and, for hippies, environmental policies. She will also visit that state later this week. (Obama’s also planning a visit in the near future.)

Also, rumor has it that Chelsea Clinton – who popped into Portland’s massively gay “Red Dress Party” – will head to the state to make a play for the lesbians. How appropriate. From Willamette Week:

Just got word there is a very strong possibility that my new friend Chelsea Clinton is heading back to Portland for a very special appearance on Tuesday, May 13.

Chelsea will be collecting ballots alongside out and very proud recording artist Sophie B. Hawkins.

Where will they be doing all this?

Well, the Egyptian Club (aka the E-Room ) of course, Portland’s one and only lesbian bar.

It’s only fitting that the former first daughter hit the lesbians – Oregon is, after all, the Beaver State.