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Hillary Clinton Is Thrilled Serbia’s Gays Got To March

In a meeting with Serbian President Boris Tadic in Belgrade, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton praised police for protecting the hundreds of marchers who scored their first successful gay pride parade on Sunday. While we’re in a lauding mood, snaps to the NYPD for so quickly nabbing the 10 suspects in the Latin King Goonies attack. Police: Keeping the peace, or whatever.

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  • Casey

    The Serbian police behaved impeccably.

    But the protestors showed how backward and bigotted much of Serbian society remains.

    This was again evidenced last night in a football match between Serbia and Italy, held in Italy. The match was cancelled after the Serb fans started throwing lit flares at the Italian players. The referee said that their savage behaviour was endangering lives and he had no choice but to cancel the match.

    I think Serbia’s application to join the EU needs to be put on hold until the country matures. It clearly still has way too many problems with extremism to be trusted.

    i don’t care if they are aggrieved that none of their neighbours wants to be ruled by them.

    They need to get the f*** over it and move on.

  • robert in nyc

    Casey, I agree, Serbia’s application to join the EU should be put on hold indefinitely as is the case with Turkey.

    To digress, I doubt very much if Carl Paladino or any ranking republican would applaud Clinton, since such parades are bad for children, too much brainwashing in Paladino’s view.

  • Jake

    God I love Hill. 2 years later and no doubt she would have made a better president.

  • Markie-Mark

    @Jake: You might be correct that she would be a better president than the POS we got. But she’s against marriage equality. Where’s your self respect? Have you learned nothing from Fraudbama? And why is she so silent on what’s going on in Iraq?

  • Doot

    Putting Serbia’s EU application on hold is exactly what the people behind the violence want.

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