Hillary Clinton Not Married to Gay Marriage

Hillary Clinton

Let’s get this straight. Senator Hillary Clinton does not support gay marriage but does support civil unions. She also doesn’t support a constitutional ban on gay marriage. All this has led to a lack of support of Hil from those queers at New York’s Empire State Pride Agenda. They explain their anti-Hil stance:

“It will send a message to other elected officials that you can be working against us during this critical time and not suffer a negative pushback from the gay community,” he said. “We have become a community that throws money at politicians, and we demand nothing in return. And that’s what we get: nothing. It’s the wrong message to send.”

It should come as no surprise that Hil doesn’t support gay marriage. Just look at the revolving door of badly permed hair that her husband thrust into their own marriage: Monica Lewinksy, Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones. She’s saving us all from that lifetime of pain and ridicule.

That said, we have the perfect vice presidential candidate for Hil when she runs for the White House in 2008. It’s another person who doesn’t support gay marriage: Boy George.

On second thought, that ticket might just confuse voters.

Gay Rights Group Criticizes Senator Clinton’s Stance on Same-Sex Marriage [NY Times]