Hillary Clinton Opens Up About That Weird Event They Called A Debate


Hard to believe that insane thing that happened the other day was an actual political debate, right? Hillary can’t believe it either, and opened up with Ellen DeGeneres the other day about how odd it was.

First things first, though: they started the conversation with that adorable shimmy gesture that Hillary invented. You know, the one that will hopefully become a hot new dance craze. “I knew that I said whoo,” said Hillary, “But I didn’t know I did the shimmy that came along with it.” She then switched to politician mode and praised the audience’s dancing.

“You looked so good,” Ellen told her, and Hillary offered some health tips: “If you have pneumonia stop for a while.”

“You stayed so calm — let’s talk about the debate,” Ellen said. “What did you make of that?”

“It was clear that my opponent Donald Trump was going to try to dominate the space almost to the exclusion of the people who were sitting there,” Hillary said while Ellen’s producers posted a photo of Donald following her like a hyena. “He was trying to literally stalk me around the stage. I would literally feel this presence behind me and I was like whoa this is really weird. I was just trying to stay focused.”

She added that she could have spent all of her time fact-checking Donald during the debate, but it would be better to go to for that so she could focus on the important issues during the debate.

“It’s like debating a teenager,” said Ellen. “It seems like Donald Trump‘s campaign is crumbling. … Everyone’s backing away.”

Hillary called the sexual abuse allegations “distressing,” but added “I’m not taking anything for granted. … Who knows what can happen. … Please turn out and vote!”

That’s good advice if you live in a swing state. And if you don’t live in a swing state, don’t worry — you can still have your say by donating tens of thousands of dollars.

Watch below: