Hillary Clinton Still Loves Semantics More Than Equality


Following the disappointing gay marriage decision by the highest court in her adopted home state, New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has said something along the lines of, “Oh you poor dears, you must be so upset that the Court of Appeals has denied you marriage rights. I feel for you, really, except I don’t because I don’t think you should be able to marry each other either, which isn’t to say I don’t believe in full equal rights for gays and lesbians, but just not marriage. Why? Well, because it just ain’t right.”

Here’s what her spokesperson actually said:

Senator Clinton supports full equality for people in committed relationships, including health insurance, life insurance and pensions, and hospital visitation and believes we have to keep working to reach those goals.

Spoken with true, slippery conviction that is unfortunately becoming the mark of the Democrats.

Clinton disappoints gay community over marriage [PinkNews]