Hillary Going “Nuclear”

Hillary Clinton seems poised to blow Barack Obama out of the electoral water.

The Senator’s campaign today confirmed a report that they plan to use their pals on the party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee to validate Michigan and Florida’s previously invalidated primary counts. Those state weren’t meant to count because they broke rank and held their primaries early.

Both Clinton and Obama previously wagged their finger at those states, and Obama even yanked his name from the Michigan ballot. Now that she’s down, however, Mrs. Clinton’s hoping her allies can push her over the edge:

With at least 50 percent of the Democratic Party’s 30-member Rules and Bylaws Committee committed to Clinton, her backers could — when the committee meets at the end of this month — try to ram through a decision to seat the disputed 210-member Florida and 156-member Michigan delegations.

Such a decision would give Clinton an estimated 55 or more delegates than Obama, according to Clinton campaign operatives.

The former first lady’s campaign initially refused to publicly comment on this “nuclear” tactic, but have no released a statement confirming their backstage dealings.

Some wonder whether such a move would create the oft-referenced “rift” with black voters, but others suggest that Mrs. Clinton will attempt to quell anger by taking Obama on her ticket.