Obama Ready To Take Charge

Hillary Needs A Set of Balls, Says Sullivan

Hillary Clinton better watch out, because conservative homo-journo Andrew Sullivan has got her pegged.

In a surprisingly agreeable post, Sullivan spills some ink comparing Senator Clinton and her fellow presidential hopeful, Senator Barack Obama. His conclusion? Hillary’s living in a time warp.

Taking a look at Clinton’s nonchalant (read: non-existent) approach to needle exchange (which Politico’s Ben Smith dissects here), Sullivan draws some parallels between Hilary and ex-president hubby, Bill:

[Clinton and Obama] are of different Democratic generations. Clinton is from the traumatized generation; Obama isn’t. Clinton has internalized to her bones the 1990s sense that conservatism is ascendant, that what she really believes is unpopular, that the Republicans have structural, latent power of having a majority of Americans on their side.

The last Clinton administration refused to prevent HIV transmission this way, regardless of the science and epidemiology, because they were terrified of being labeled “liberal” by the GOP machine. Clinton still hasn’t out-grown that (which is why I confidently predict that if she becomes president, progress toward gay equality will slow, because a leading Democrat will impede it in a long slog of triangulation and risk-aversion). Her classic formulation today is what it was before: “We’ll have as much spine as we possibly can, under the circumstances.”

Sullivan’s goes on to say that Obama, unhindered by scapegoating fears, will grab the presidency by the balls. Clinton, meanwhile, simply doesn’t have any:

The choice between Clinton and Obama is the choice between a defensive crouch and a confident engagement. It is the choice between someone who lost their beliefs in a welter of fear; and someone who has faith that his worldview can persuade a majority.

Obviously Sullivan’s not a fan of Hillary, huh?