Obama Ready To Take Charge

Hillary Needs A Set of Balls, Says Sullivan

Hillary Clinton better watch out, because conservative homo-journo Andrew Sullivan has got her pegged.

In a surprisingly agreeable post, Sullivan spills some ink comparing Senator Clinton and her fellow presidential hopeful, Senator Barack Obama. His conclusion? Hillary’s living in a time warp.

Taking a look at Clinton’s nonchalant (read: non-existent) approach to needle exchange (which Politico’s Ben Smith dissects here), Sullivan draws some parallels between Hilary and ex-president hubby, Bill:

[Clinton and Obama] are of different Democratic generations. Clinton is from the traumatized generation; Obama isn’t. Clinton has internalized to her bones the 1990s sense that conservatism is ascendant, that what she really believes is unpopular, that the Republicans have structural, latent power of having a majority of Americans on their side.

The last Clinton administration refused to prevent HIV transmission this way, regardless of the science and epidemiology, because they were terrified of being labeled “liberal” by the GOP machine. Clinton still hasn’t out-grown that (which is why I confidently predict that if she becomes president, progress toward gay equality will slow, because a leading Democrat will impede it in a long slog of triangulation and risk-aversion). Her classic formulation today is what it was before: “We’ll have as much spine as we possibly can, under the circumstances.”

Sullivan’s goes on to say that Obama, unhindered by scapegoating fears, will grab the presidency by the balls. Clinton, meanwhile, simply doesn’t have any:

The choice between Clinton and Obama is the choice between a defensive crouch and a confident engagement. It is the choice between someone who lost their beliefs in a welter of fear; and someone who has faith that his worldview can persuade a majority.

Obviously Sullivan’s not a fan of Hillary, huh?

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  • GranDiva

    Is “pegged” really a word we want to use relative to Hilary Clinton?

  • dizzyspins

    I just read Sullivan’s full piece and have to say he’s being incredibly foolish. Most Americans ARE conservative–not necessarily Republican conservative, but conservative in their approach to change and new ideas. Does an effete HIV+ British essayist really think he’s in tune with Joe Six-Pack?!

    Just because Sullivan likes the cut of Obama’s jib–and thinks he (ugh) doesnt have as much baggage as Hillary–doesnt mean he stands a chance of getting elected.

    I havent made my mind up who Im voting for yet, but I have to say Sullivan’s elitist ramblings do nothing to sway me one way or the other

  • Qjersey

    HERE HERE Dizzyspins.

    Who exactly does Sullivan speak for anyway?

    and to turn his own point around on him…

    Sully speaks for a different generation:

    1) Self hating homos who got infected with HIV AFTER we knew how to protect ourselves and BEFORE medications came out that saved lives.

    2) the Gay Literati, who live in provincetown all summer (NOT CHEAP) who somehow emerged as “the voice” of the gay community over 10 years ago…who still think anyone gives a shit about what they have to say.

    I bet you don’t see Sully handing out (or using) condoms at the Dick Dock in P-Town either.

  • Gregg

    Hillary and Obama are both unelectable. Plus, Hillary has become a typical insider politician. Dump em both.

    Of all the unelectables, I still love me some Kucinich.

  • cjc

    It won’t matter when there’s a “national emergency” in October ’08 and President Dipshit suspends the Constitution, anyway.

  • Leland Frances

    EXACTLY, Qjersey! Who needs condoms? Sullivan has single-handedly declared AIDS over! When he’s not trolling the Net for bareback fuck pigs or defending Republicans and the Catholic church [they aren’t bad, ya see, it’s just who’s currently in charge].

    But he does have a measurable IQ so his hard on for Obama must soley be based on little Brit fag boys’ imaginings of how big Black men are. His chubby little boner certainly couldn’t be based on Obama’s positions on gay rights as he’s far behind Hill and Edwards, and, despite the “dirty trick” run on Edwards through that Black minister’s question in the YouTube debate, Obama NOT Edwards is aggressively wrapping all of his positions in his religious belief, as Black lesbian minister Irene Monroe has frequently documented.

    I will support whichever Dem candidate gets the nomination, but if we must “eat our own” before then, let’s at least stick to facts, and not swallow the rhetorical bullshit and fly-encrusted lies from the fat asses of fag Repugs like Sullivan who dares actually declare that a Hillary administration would “slow” gay rights.

  • Leland Frances

    PS: His erotic fantasies about Obama aside, is Sullivan’s Hillary hit piece really just “counter ops,” ye old Divide & Conquer in order to get someone from his second true faith, the Church of the GOP, elected? Place your bets.

  • WWH

    Hillary is a Kunt.

  • Gregg

    Why would the Dems actually listen to our issues when all the gays just say “I’ll vote for whichever Dem candidate gets nominated”?

    It’ll be interesting to see the Dems get elected, and then see how they’re going to fuck us over once in office, a la Bill Clinton. Hell, they’re already parsing about us. It certainly won’t be as bad as the Repugs, but it ain’t gonna be much better.

  • ProfessorVP

    I think Sully has a point when he says that what Hillary really believes (not her her lame church-goin’ wummin bullsit) is out of step with the majority, and she believes she has to suppress it. But I don’t think Sully has a point when he says Obama is substantially different. Just today, I saw him on TV talking about invading Pakistan. If necessary, of course. Hillary has said the same thing. Both are against same-sex marriage equality. No- let me clarify: Both SAY they are against it. Another thing they have in common: both have not had sex with Bill Clinton for the last twenty-five years. I see an eerie similarity between Hillary and Barry- both ambitious, poll-driven, and neither smacks of anything new and exciting.

  • Leland Frances

    “It certainly won’t be as bad as the Repugs, but it ain’t gonna be much better.” Gregg. Gregg. Gregg. Dump Tina. Please!

  • cjc

    Thanks to our stupid political system, we’re screwed no matter which party gains the White House in ’08–either softly with the Dem, or hard with the Rep.

  • Gregg

    Ah Leland – you always take the high road. Differences of opinion MUST be drug induced.

    Wake up and face the truth, Queen. Both parties are corporate lackeys.

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