Hillary Shows Some HRC Love

While Ann Coulter hogged this weekend’s gay-related headlines, Senator Hillary Clinton popped in to have a chat with about 500 HRC zombies volunteers and board members. Clinton addressed some hot button homo issues, including the proposed repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and gay nups. Certainly a big deal, Clinton spent a good portion of her time calling out and subsequently thanking gay leaders, including HRC prez, Joe Solmonese.

But,the good senator also took a few minutes to laud the board members:

I want to thank all of you. I want to thank you for how every single day you stand up for the basic principle that our country is really anchored on, that we are all created equal and that we are each endowed with certain inalienable rights and that we should all have the opportunity to live up to our god given potential. This is a job that none of you asked for, but that each of you carries out. And you do in a million different ways, every single day, in every corner of our country. Because what matters is your energy, determination, integrity and talent. And every day that you stand up for who you are, you’re helping us move toward a more perfect union…

Kind of a poor choice of words considering the political climate. But, you know, it’s the thought that counts, especially when buttering up the HRC and their gaggle of moneyed gays.

Watch the entire video, after the jump.