Hillary Supporters Plan McCain Rally

Next week’s Democratic National Convention could become quite the rocky affair. Even as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama‘s campaigns seem to have come together , some of Clinton’s supporters are planning a rallies to voice their grievances during the Convention in Denver.

One of pro-Clinton groups, Hillary Now, has issued a press release urging their members to back John McCain, rather than Obama, who they call an enemy of Israel.

From spokesman Robert Kunst

I urge everyone that we must unite together in Denver and that our power is NOT to back Obama and be taken for granted any longer…..but to support McCain.

I want to emphasize that we Democrats are not going to support Obama regardless of Hillary doing it or who the veep is. We clearly see Obama as dangerous for this nation and putting Rev.Wright, Farrakhan, Jimmy Carter etc. back into power and in control of the White House with their pro-Hamas politics means a disaster for America as well as Israel, as well as the West.

Hillary Now also plans on demonstrating at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis.

Meanwhile, check out these buttons Hillary Now’s hawking: