Hillary Talks Gay In PA.

Hillary Clinton continues to court the gay vote in Pennsylvania.

As the race tightens, the Senator sat down with Philadelphia Gay News, whose Mark Segal and Sarah Blazucki tag teamed the shit out of the Senator. Yes, they addresses civil unions and the military, but they also delved into typically unchartered territory, such as immigration reform for same-sex couples and altering America’s foreign policy with homophobic nations like Iran. Said Clinton:

I would be very strongly outspoken about this and it would be part of American foreign policy. There are a number of gross human-rights abuses that countries engage in with whom we have relations and we have to be really vigilant and outspoken in our total repudiation of those kinds of actions and do everything we can, including using our leverage on matters such as aid, to change the behavior so we can try to prevent such atrocities from happening.

Those are commendable comments, but the Democrats best remember that our own State Department still treats gays differently, which will need to be remedied if our government’s going to effectively counter anti-queer countries.