Girls Talk Gay, War and Obama

Hillary Up On ‘Ellen’

Hillary Clinton made her well-publicized appearance on Ellen Degeneres‘ show this morning. Ever the gracious guest, Clinton brought Ms. D a campaign survival kit. Ain’t that sweet?

Speaking of sweet: watch Degeneres dig into Clinton for her gay marriage stance – or lack thereof. Clinton stands by her civil union platform. The Senator from New York also reiterates her distaste for her hubby’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. After the jump: Degeneres getting to the bottom Clinton’s professional relationship with Barack Obama.

It’s nice to see Ellen – whose coming out paved the way for countless queers – using her powerful, mainstream platform to explore gay issues. Girl’s about to turn fifty and she’s still pushing the envelope – and, hopefully, pushing America in the right direction.

PS: Is the homo in this clip serious? Everybody wants to know what Bill does while Hillary’s out campaigning? Seriously? You have time to ask one of the most powerful people in the world a question and that was it. Shoot.