Stunning Chief-Of-Staff Has Tongues Wagging

Hillary’s Lesbian Rumors Just Won’t Quit

Hillary Clinton lesbian gossip gets some fresh fuel over her stunning “traveling” chief-of-staff Huma Abedin.

Rumors have been circulating…that Hillary Clinton is having a lesbian affair. Her alleged paramour: a beautiful aide named Huma Abedin. As you can see from the photo, if Hillary is having an affair with Abedin it would not be evidence of her lesbianism as much as of her common sense and sound judgment.

The hard-to-credit rumor of Hillary’s Sapphic excursions is being stoked by right-wing bloggers. They suggest that this supposed romance shows the candidate is not only a lesbian but consorting with terrorists, given that the Michigan-born Abedin is reportedly from a family brimming with known Muslims.

A beautiful woman working for Hillary Clinton has Muslims in the closet? Obviously Clinton must be licking her coochie. What other explanation could there possibly be? What’s that? Abedin hails from a well-heeled academic family, worked her ass off in George Washington University and reportedly never loses her cool? Hmmm, no, we still think Clinton hired her because she’s a lesbian terrorist.