Hillary’s Winning, Losing Weekend

It was a tumultuous weekend for the Democratic party – especially Hillary Clinton.

The rollercoaster started on Saturday, when DNC leaders and lawyers converged in Florida, where they hashed out a deal on whether to seat that state and Michigan’s delegates. Both states held their primaries early, thus breaking Democratic party rules. The Democratic National Committee, of course, was not pleased and threatened not to seat any delegates from those states. But, as could be predicted, they didn’t want two irate states on the loose and agreed to seat delegates, but with some penalties:

A party committee voted to seat delegations from the two states at the August nominating convention, though with only a half-vote for each delegate. The deal, reached after a sometimes raucous daylong meeting, gives Hillary Clinton a net gain of 24 delegates, a margin that’s unlikely to stall Barack Obama‘s momentum toward getting the nomination.

Despite the compromise and satisfaction on Florida, Clinton’s campaign remains defiant on Michigan.

The former First Lady’s adviser Harold Ickes, who is also a member of the Rules and Bylaws Committee, warned, “Mrs. Clinton has told me to reserve her right to take this to the Credentials Committee.” Ickes wasn’t the only one fuming. A Clinton and Obama supporter got into a bit of a spar, but all ended well. Some are wondering if the same can be said for the Clinton campaign. There are murmurs that Mrs. Clinton’s preparing to bow out this week.

If that’s true, she certainly didn’t give any indication on Sunday, when she won the Puerto Rican primary. The Senator vowed in her victory speech that the race will not end on Tuesday, when the final primaries are held. And, in a final plea, Mrs. Clinton turned her words directly toward superdelegates, whose endorsements will decide the nominee:

So, when the voting concludes on Tuesday, neither Sen. Obama nor I will have the number of delegates to be the nominee. I will lead the popular vote, he will maintain a slight lead in the delegate count. The decision will fall on the shoulders of those leaders in our party, empowered by the rules, to vote at the Democratic convention.

I do not envy the decision you must make. But the decision has to be made. And in the final assessment, I ask you to consider these questions. Which candidate best represents the will of the people who voted?

The superdelegates better make their decision soon. Party patience is running out, and nothing loses an election like irritated, worn out voters.

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  • Bitch Republic

    Obama shouldn’t have gotten any delegates from Michigan. It’s his own damn fault his name wasn’t on the ballot there.

  • Justin Bright

    Agreed Bitch Republic. I hope she takes this to the convention, Obama is so incredibly flawed. Democrats have been pushing Hillary out of the race unfairly for the last two months. She has won the popular vote by more 250,000. She leads McCain by bigger margins than Obama in key states and also is winning Florida (Obama isn’t).

    Say hello to President McCain cuz the Democrats are NOT winning with Obama. The only experience he has is experience dealing with crazy pastors.


    Yep, most def this is going to the convention.










    NEW MEXICO-Hillary

    Bitch Republic , Justin Bright of course he had to take some delegates from Michigan that’s his modus operandi:



  • John

    The ignorance displayed by Bitch Republic and Justin Bright is appalling. Michigan has a history of moving its primary up and in every instance before this year, the party had the same response and each candidate removed their names from the ballot. This year, Hillary didn’t follow that precedent in an incredibly cynical move. To say she has won the popular vote requires incredibly tortured math and absurd assumptions. Obama has won the nomination by following the rules. Clinton is constantly moving the goal posts to try and find some metric by which she can claim victory. She didn’t lose because of sexism or anything like that – he simply ran a more effective campaign. Isn’t our party about fairness and playing by the rules?

    It is over. She needs to accept it, as do her supporters, and come together for the good of the party. To do so otherwise is absolute insanity – a McCain presidency means a very likely anti-GLBT Supreme Court and no progress on our issues. While loyalty to Hillary is fine, I’d hope folks are loyal to the Democratic Party and what it stands for above all else.

  • Justin Bright

    “The ignorance displayed by Bitch Republic and Justin Bright is appalling.” – John

    You don’t understand the definition of “ignorance.” Because I don’t agree with you, doesn’t make me ignorant.

    “It is over. She needs to accept it” – John

    No it isn’t. She has a right to take this to the convention and she should. Obama does not have a majority of delegates. Supers are not bound and could change their minds at anytime – those are the rules. What happened this weekend at the RCB was a travesty for Democracy. Voters voices have muted by the Democratic Party. How is it that the Democratic Party should expect loyalty when they disenfranchise the voters of two key states that the Democrats need to win in order to regain the White House.

    If Obama is the nominee John McCain will be President. If Hillary is the nominee there will be a Democrat in the White House in January of 2009.

  • M Shane

    Clinton has demonstrated the same kind of strategizing that has allowed Bush to countermand the Constitution and to lie to a whole country. The reason for rules is not to change them, as in Fl and Mich.
    BTW, Clintons hoopdela about winning the hispanic vote in Puerto Rico is a deranged lie soince only %20 of the voters turned out in an area which pulls around %90. h.
    er “win” indicates nothing.
    The deceipt behind her claiming a win in a “race ‘ in which she didn’t have a compertitor is further bullshit.

    Onre thing is thatr she has proved herself a worthy commandant of the Bush legacy of lies and derangement of rules. If you think Bush did some incredible things with the Conmstitution& the structure of American government & International law, give that thing a chance.

  • Mr C

    Well if this rings true according to Justin Bright:
    If Obama is the nominee John McCain will be President. If Hillary is the nominee there will be a Democrat in the White House in January of 2009.

    Well then I guess GAYS get ready to be Obliterated. It will be a HOOT for some of you kids who can’t fight.


    Under McCain
    because without Obama on that ticket as well. You motherfuckers don’t stand a chance winning without his people supporting Hillary.

    And to think that some of you feel the way you do because your girl is not at the top.

    Then serves you right if you vote for McCain!

  • Thomas Delayed

    The gay Obama kool aid drinkers are in for a big ass shock and not in that good way.

    Once Obamaniacs and the emty suit loving media ensure him the nomination. Then there will be NO HILLARY to bash.

    At that time, this race will become about race and not due to the KKK or any white supremiscist group but by the likes of Wright, Father Sissypants, and the rest of the black homophobic movement that are so full of hate and love to spew it in church.

  • John

    Sorry, Justin, but ignorance is totally appropriate. The Michigan history – your lack of understanding of why everyone else took their names off the ballot – that’s ignorance.

    Also, to claim Hillary is ahead in the popular vote displays ignorance – to believe that, you have to say that every person in a caucus state doesn’t count and that Michigan’s votes should all be for Hillary and nobody who voted was for Obama.

    Oh, and I’m one of those “disenfranchised” Florida voters – except we got exactly what the rules said we’d get if we violated the primary schedule. Disenfranchisement implies unfairly taking away someone’s vote – something that did not happen.

    I will concede that Hillary has “the right” to go all the way to the convention – but to do so would show an utter disregard for the party and it’s chances of winning. I think more of her than to believe she’d do that. I hope that is the case – she can have a great career in the Senate (see Ted Kennedy’s career after he lost to Jimmy Carter) or maybe in the Obama cabinet. Hard as it seems for her supporters to face the facts – she’s lost the Democratic nomination. It’s now time to look at the big picture, unite, and make sure we have a Democrat in the White House come 2009.

  • Bob R

    Ah, there is so much hate and vitriol being spewed here it’s unreal. If McCain wins in November, we won’t suffer his gross incompetence for more than 4, maybe 8 years. But we will feel his intemperate Justice appointments for decades to come. So, be proud to cut off your nose to spite your face. So if/when McCain wins, you can STFU about gay rights, marriage and personal liberties UNLESS you can honestly preface your complaint with the caveat, “I voted for the Democrat…”

    I don’t like Hillary. I also don’t like Obama. But I’ll vote for either one who carries the Democratic mantle because I know what’s at stake. So my petulant little sissies, if your candidate loses the nomination, stay home. Vote for McCain in a fit of spite or Nader to cop out. But you will pay the consequences. In either case should Hillary or Obama lose in ’08, history shows they’ll never get another chance as a Democrat to run for President.

  • Madonna's Boy

    Gay Hillary supporters need to WAKE UP and accept the fact that she lost the Democratic nomination because of her pro–Iraqi occupation vote, pro-Bankruptcy law vote and her campaign’s Rovian tactics that turned off a lot of Dem’s who were TIRED of Bushco and wanted someone new, positive and progressive. These are the main reasons Hillary lost. Obama is a great nominee who is ahead of McSlain in most current polls. And I am compeletey confident that he WILL win the White House in November and out an end to the destructive direction of this country, thanks to BushCo. The real enemy is McSlain. He is truly flawed and definitely anti-gay, just ask Ellen. A McSlain presidency will mean MORE ANTI-GAY judges and more anti-choice judges on the Supreme Court, more war in Iraq, more tax cuts for the wealthy and screw the little guy. All you Hillary supporter need to wake-up and focus your energies on defeating McSlain. Hillary will back him once she concedes…she is not voting nor supporting McSlain. And neither should any LGBT American!

  • Justin Bright

    John, the word “ignorant” is way overused and you continue to provide a classic example of overuse and mis-use of the word in public policy discussions.

    Frankly, if you need to use it to win an argument…you reveal that your intellectual argument is weak and not strong enough to stand up to rationale discussion.

    I like many Hillary supporters are not ignorant. We are passionate about our candidate and believe that she is the better candidate for President in the Democratic Party. State by state polls and head to head matchups with John McCain prove our point time and time again.

    Proof also exists that Obama will be a disaster for Democrats in states that favor Democrats. Take a look at the most recent Rasmussen Report polls for reliable Democratic states Massachusetts and Connecticut. Obama is in danger of losing both to McCain. Unbelievable but very true.

    Obama supporters try to use the “party unity” argument to end the debate which is going on and needs to go on – who is the best Presidential nominee for the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has an obligation to nominate the candidate with the best chance of winning in November. Super delegates are given the right to vote at the convention precisely for that reason. Obama’s character problems and his disasterous handling of his church/pastor prove that he can not stand the test of a general election. All the delegates should have an opportunity to render judgment on Obama’s worthiness and Clinton’s worthiness at the convention. Both should be able to make their case to the Democratic Party.

    When you look at the critical data, the choice is clear. Hillary Clinton is the strongest candidate and the choice of more Democratic voters through out this entire campaign.

    Frankly, Michigan and Florida were poorly handled by the Democratic Party from the beginning. The voters of each state should not have to suffer for the mismanagement of Howard Dean – who I might add has clearly favored Obama over Hillary.

    Democrats can count on my vote regardless of the nominee in November but it does not change the fact that Obama has very clear problems appealing to more overall voters than Hillary does. That will result in a McCain victory not Democratic Party dis-unity.

  • foofyjim

    I think the way that Hillary bungled her campaign is the biggest testament that she shouldn’t be the president. A year ago, she was the presumptive nominee. She worked the debates better than anyone else, had a huge amount of money at her disposal, and had people running her campaign that basically set up the rules for the Iowa caucuses. Then she lost Iowa. It wasn’t because of “reverse racism” or “gender bias” or because the media loved Obama. She didn’t sell herself to the people of Iowa. After that, his campaign became legitimate and she made one strategic error after another.

    Before the primaries, I was all for Hillary. As I witnessed how she ran her campaign, with a win by any means strategy, I got turned off. She should have run as a revolutionary. She should have set herself up as the “change” candidate instead of the “experienced” one. It was all there for the taking, but she ran the wrong campaign.

    To the folks that are ready to vote for John McCain. You are doing a disservice to women, liberal and progressive causes, and insulting Hillary by even considering such a thing.

    Also, what about the voters in Michigan and Florida who stayed home on election day? They were told by BOTH candidates and the DNC that their votes would not be counted. Now suddenly we are counting the votes from those state? Those are the people who were disenfranchised! The anger about this situation should be directed to the state parties. They were the ones who moved the primaries up and got booted from the process.

    Stop saying Hillary is winning the popular vote. That isn’t true if you use anything that resembles actual math. Stop saying Hillary is winning against McCain in polls and Barack isn’t. First, that isn’t true, and second it doesn’t mean anything. We haven’t gotten to the general election yet and opinions at this point are subject to change when actual campaigning starts.

  • Jaroslaw

    I only mean this in jest, but all the people who have analyzed with 100% certitude why Hillary is losing and Obama is winning, I’m sure you’ll be hiring yourselves out as campaign managers in your local or national elections!

    Mostly I’m writing to John #9, you make some good points, but I agree with Justin B – disagreement with you doesn’t make the other party ignorant. For an example – how dare you say because some Dem Party hacks moved up the primary (in Michigan) that I “got what I deserved” to have my vote not counted!

    Further, if the other candidates took their names off and Hillary left hers on, was that her choice or did she break the rules in some way? I’ve never been clear on that and to that alone I confess ignorance.

    But otherwise, I am not in love with either Hillary or Obama but I think Hillary has been definitely mistreated by the media (but I agree Bill didn’t help matters). If anyone thinks the media is objective – look at Jeff Gannon. He was mentioned twice or so in Wash Post & NYT and ALWAYS in the inside pages. Only one or two mentions on TV? But 24 hour 7 days a week about Monica? No, the media is not fair or objective.

  • John

    Justin, I appreciate that you get the bigger picture and see that supporting the Democrat (whoever it may be) is important. But you failed to show how my use of ignorant was wrong. It doesn’t matter, but I think my second post pretty clearly showed where your argument “ignored” key facts and that’s the basis of ignorance. I’m not saying you are ignorant – just that your argument was not based on good facts.

    As to the overall electability – do you really think Obama won’t be able to win Massachussets and Connecticut? Any polling right now is pretty unreliable – we are six months out from the election and Obama has been attached not just by McCain but also by Clinton! When he becomes the canddiate, the party (including the Clintons)unites behind him and he gets its message out, Obama will win by (my prediction) a landslide.

    It’s a Democratic year, and no doubt that’s one reason Clinton is fighting with everything she’s got – I absolutely understand that and can appreciate it. I also appreciate the fact that you are obviously concerned with their relative electability (and that’s an absolutely fair argument to make to superdelegates), but it seems the majority of Democrats who voted or caucussed think Obama is the better candidate for the election. Realistically, the superdelegates aren’t going to change their commitments from him to her – in fact, the reverse has started to happen. It’s all going to be over this week – and I look forward to working with you to bash McCain and help lead the Democratic Party on to victory in November!

  • Justin Bright

    “do you really think Obama won’t be able to win Massachussets and Connecticut?” – John

    Something has clearly changed for Obama in Connecticut over the last month. Polling showed him blowing away McCain last month. Now this months Rasmussen Report poll shows a 3 point race. (Mind you Rasmussen and S-USA are the most accurate pollsters this cycle). It is an alarming poll.

    Look at the battleground polls in Florida, Michigan and Ohio. Hillary leads McCain in all three and her poll numbers are better than Obama’s in all three (note: Obama trails McCain in Florida and Michigan)

    “Any polling right now is pretty unreliable” – John

    Polling is what it is: a reflection of peoples feelings at the time the poll is conducted.

    BTW…some very interesting poll news today in South Dakota and Montana. American Research Group released a poll showing Clinton with a double digit lead in South Dakota and only down 4 points (within the maring of error) in Montana. If Clinton wins in South Dakota…this will be HUGE as this was thought to be locked up for Obama with the support of the state party, Tom Daschle and Stephenie Herseth Sandler.

    I think voters are having a little “buyers remorse” with Obama. And that helps Hillary make a strong argument for her candidacy at the convention.

    “It’s all going to be over this week -” – John

    I don’t think it will. I think this is going to the convention, but yes I will work with you to elect a Democrat President….whoever she might be ;-)

  • Gregoire

    “Obama shouldn’t have gotten any delegates from Michigan. It’s his own damn fault his name wasn’t on the ballot there.”

    The Democrats asked all the candidates to do that, and Obama complied. Hillary did not follow the DNC rules, and yet she wants the DNC nomination.

    How people justify her lunacy is astounding to me. You have to actually mince and rearrange words and logic to even get to a point where one thinks Hillary has been unfairly treated in this process. She had this nomination in the bag and lost it with nobody to blame but herself.

  • afrolito

    Hillary had in the bag until the media decided a black president made a better story.

    Too bad he’ll lose in november.

  • Gregoire

    It’s everybody’s fault but Hillary’s, isn’t it?

  • afrolito

    I guess it’ll be Hillarys’ fault when Obama loses in november right??

  • M Shane

    Gregoire: I happy to hear that someone has sense in this idiotic routine of Clinton’s. Even if the party was so bizarrely insane as to bend again to her insane promotions, whart kind of president would that make: no more certainly than another Bush .
    “How people justify her lunacy is astounding to me. You have to actually mince and rearrange words and logic to even get to a point where one thinks Hillary has been unfairly treated in this process. She had this nomination in the bag and lost it with nobody to blame but herself.”
    you could not have stated the case better

  • M Shane

    Even in the case that in Americas racism and antiintellectualism they put McCain in instead of Clinton, at least you would know that the best candidate possible was offered to defeat Americans desent into destruction.

    Americans voted Bush into office , so they are stupid enough to do anything. As Neut Gengrich said in News week ” I hope America
    votes in the candidate they deserve”

    The chickens may really come home to roost id= you dummies don’t figure out that we’r not voting for your Mother but for a presidential candidate.

  • M Shane

    There really isn’t any difference between
    Clinton and McCain anyway!

  • Thomas Delayed

    The only reason Obama has made it this far is because those closet case pundits have a hard on for him. I mean I would love to fuck him and suck his dick, but that doesn’t qualify him to be president. He has no meat on his bones or his brain….

    And before you Obamamaniacs get started, yes I am a motherfucking cocksucking racist….so go fuck yourself becuase that record is getting old.

  • Peter Pan

    Well, I’m looking forward to the Peter Paul / Clinton court case in November! Could Hilary go to jail?


  • mark

    Thomas Delayed,

    “And before you Obamamaniacs get started, yes I am a motherfucking cocksucking racist’

    go know, karma does work

  • Courtney

    Where do all the Hillary supporters get their crystal balls?

    Obama has garnered more votes than all of the Republicans together. Just FYI.

    I hate to break it to you, but this election will not be decided by a few racists.

  • afrolito

    The election will be decided by a lot of racists.

  • Mr C

    And Afrolito,

    You have just said it.
    Please Clinton supporters remember all personal feelings aside here.

    In every exit polls they ask
    “Was race a factor in your decision”?
    And it always a large number that says YES.

    So empty suit, Jeremiah, Pfleger are all PROPAGANDA.

    They choose who they feels are like them and I guess it’s Hillary Clinton there something they have in common she’s White like them.

    So we’re not the ones playing the race card it’s in the exit polls foprm the ones who vote and that is REALITY!

  • Mr C

    Thomas Delayed

    From a “Obamamaniac” to a “Clintonista”. You said :He has no meat on his bones or his brain….

    And Hillary is living off of her husband. As I did vote for him both times. However he is NOT the greatest President we’ve ever had.

    And she has done very little for NY so her empty pant suits are no different thann his and she does sell empty promises. And has mastered “The Gift of Gab”

    She told Puerto Rico on Sunday after her win under her she would grant them “statehood”? REALLY

    Then when the house and Senate shut her down like they did with her universal healthcare plan…Then what???????

    Also Babe you said: I mean I would love to fuck him and suck his dick, but that doesn’t qualify him to be president.

    Also it doesn’t call you racist and I believe you’re not. But we’re good enough to fuck. But when it comes to leading OH NO get behind thee because you can’t but I can?????
    UMMMMM Sounds like a case “SUPERIORISM”

    or maybe I’m wrong?…smile :) dear heart


  • Thomas Delayed


    Can you give me list of things that Obama has done for the gay community?

  • fredo777

    I’m as anti-racism as the next guy, but I really wish both sides of the fence would stop making this a damn race issue. It’s nauseating.

    Vote for the candidate who is more in line with you on the important issues + get over the whole gender/race thing. Ugh.

  • Mr C

    OK Thomas Delayed,

    And you tell me has HILLARY not Bill…..HILLARY done anything REAL for the LGBT community. I am from NYC. The only thing she has done was march in a Gay Pride Parade and if that is something you want to call an accomplishment something is terribly flawed.

    Look neither one of them believes in Gay Marriage so I’m lost. And I have said this post after post. The House and Senate are the ones that can help our community to achieve what we need. Not a President. So the anger needs to aimed at them all Presidents are empty suits in some form.

    That house and senate runs the show!


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