Hilton Hotels Attempt To Lure Gay Consumers With Free Internet, Booze, Magazines

HiltonHilton Hotels & Resorts joined the growing list of mega corporations looking to lure more gay customers this week with a brand new “Stay Hilton Go Out Package“. The bundle includes the essential things every gay person absolutely loves: high-speed internet, two welcome “beverages”, late checkout and a one-year digital subscription to OUT Magazine.

Really, Hilton?

The hotel group also caters to gay customers by suggesting local gay events and Pride celebrations as leisure activities. Aside from “discounted” packages and some fancy stock photos of same-sex couples, that’s about all they’re offering.

It’s great that the chain is making an effort to specifically embrace potential gay customers, but including actual gay people in the discussion would have been nice—the “Go Out” package sounds like an idea birthed in a conference room full of straight women shouting things like “gay men love drag queens!” and “all gay men love to dance at circuit parties!”

Free internet service and alcoholic beverages sound great to anyone, but what’s up with the late checkout service? Did Hilton conduct a survey finding that a majority of their gay customers were partying too hard to miss their checkout time? Should we be offended?

Will the stereotypical offerings of Hilton’s new “gay” package sway your big gay dollar?