Hip Hop DJ Mr. Cee Comes Out…As A Fan Of Oral Sex With Transsexuals

mister-ceeDJ Mr. Cee (real name Calvin Lebrun), who has spent the last 20 years working at New York City’s iconic hip-hop radio station Hot 97, has admitted to some sexual activities that are a bit outside of the heterosexual realm as of late. Just a few days ago, cross dressing vlogger Bimbo Winehouse posted audio of what was claimed to be Mr. Cee attempting to solicit oral sex from him. The audio was picked up by popular hip hop blogs and led to a firestorm of chatter within the hip hop community, most of which was at best misguided and at worst transphobic and hateful.

While the incident with Winehouse is the most recent of Mr. Cee’s dabbles into the other regions of the Kinsey scale, it isn’t the only one. In early May, Mr. Cee was arrested for trying to solicit what turned out to be an undercover cop for oral sex in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Back in 2011, he was arrested after being caught receiving oral sex from a 20-year-old male companion in lower Manhattan. A police source confided to the NY Daily News at the time that he’d been busted twice the year before that for loitering in the same area in order to pick up hustlers.

Mr. Cee resigned from his post hosting a noontime show on Hot 97 a few days ago, but program director Ebro Darden wasn’t having it. Ebro invited Mr. Cee to clear his name in an emotional interview on the Hot97 morning show, where Mr. Cee came clean about his activities, stating that while he “loves women”, he occasionally gets the urge to “have fellatio with a transsexual — a man that looks like a woman.” He then added that he’s definitely not gay because he hasn’t “penetrated another man.”

After the interview, in which Ebro seemed more concerned with Cee’s predilection for hookers than anything else, Mr. Cee returned to his post on Hot 97.

Whether Mr. Cee is gay, straight, or somewhere in between, kudos to him for coming clean about his issues, being open about who he is, and to Ebro and Hot 97 for sticking with a loyal member of the crew and taking another small step to make homophobia in hip hop a thing of the past.