Hip-Hop Rumored To Be Much Gayer Than Previously Thought

We’ve already counted down five gay hip-hop artists worth knowing about and the 10 gayest moments in hip-hop. But according to rap artist Fat Joe, there’s a lot more homosexuality in hip-hop than we realized. In fact, he says that the entire hip-hop world is run by a big gay mafia.

Speaking with VLAD TV about Mister Cee’s arrest for a bro-job, Fat Joe said:

“I think I’ve done songs with gay rappers. I’m pretty sure of that… Niggas is gay. There’s millions of gay people in the world. Girls too… [Hip-hop] is the greatest gay market in the world. The hip-hop community is most likely owned by gay, to be honest with you. They’re owned by gay. I happen to think there’s a gay mafia in hip-hop. Not rappers, the editorial presidents of magazines, the PDs at radio stations, the people who give you awards at award shows. This is the fucking gay mafia. Like, you know what I’m saying? They are in power. So why wouldn’t a guy come out and say, ‘yo, I’m gay’ and get that type of love?”

We’re not so sure that all of hip hop is as super gay as Joe thinks, but when VLAD TV asked The Game about gay rappers he concurred saying, “I think there are several gay rappers that are in the closet and gay… There’s a lot of man fans in hip hop.”