Hip-Hop’s Top Stars Are Total Bottoms?

Clay Cane must have a death wish. First, the homo-journo took on former lesbian publisher turned proselytizer, Charlene Cothran. Now, he’s taking on the likes of P. Diddy, Tigga and Trick Daddy.

In a post entitled Bottoms Up, Cane labels a number of hip-hop’s “heteros” stars a number of variants of “bottom”. Diddy, for example, has been deemed “100% Power Bottom”. We believe it. Cane goes on to refer to Russell Simmons as “Old School Early 80s Pre-Condom Porn Bottom”, while he finds 24-year old Yung Joc (pictured) guilty of “Shuckin’ and jivin’ for mass’ slut-puppy bottom!” Ouch.

Cane doesn’t restrict his categorizations to just hip-hop – or men. Serena Williams can now proudly boast that she’s been named a “1000% Well Hung Colon Reconstructing Top”. Her sexual partners have 1000% odds of needed colon reconstruction? We’re not down with those odds.