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Hipster Underwear On A Sporty Guy = Perfection

crootacarlos1If you have a thing for the All-American guy, complete with a surf board and baseball cap (occasionally worn backwards), then this new Adrian C. Martin photo shoot will more than do it for you. The model’s name is Carlos Guillen. He’s wearing different underwear styles by Croota. The brand is known for its hipster cut. The brief-meets-trunk style they create is so flattering and sexy it’s unreal.

Among other designs, Carlos wear the Croota Neo Night 02 Hipster. It’s the pair he runs in, and wears for all the shots he’s hiding behind the surfboard — all but one. Wink. The hipster has a snug black body with white seams around the pouch and legs. It’s sporty. But then it’s sportier still with it’s bold red waistband. It’s designed with the brand name printed in white, off-centered, at an angle, and in various font sizes. It’s awesomely athletic, and one of the brand’s best.

You can see more of Carlos and Croota on The Underwear Expert.

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Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin