His, Hers, And Hedwig’s

Trannie Sign.jpg

The Brazilian city of Nova Iguacu has passed legislation that would require all malls, theaters, nightclubs, and restaurants to provide separate bathrooms for transsexuals. The Mayor’s decision as to whether or not to make the bill into law is pending.

Reaction has been mostly positive:

“At first we were against the law, but after some discussion we decided we had to support it because it addresses a real problem for a segment of the gay community,” said Eugenio Ibiapino dos Santos, a founder of the Pink Triangle Association, a gay group in Nova Iguacu. “We see it as a way to open a discussion about civil rights.”

Hey, when a tranny needs a little privacy to re-tuck, she needs a little privacy to re-tuck, you know what we’re saying? And thank God for Latin American countries being so much more tolerant than we are. You won’t even find tranny bathrooms in the Castro.

City May Require Transvestite Bathrooms [ABC News]