“Hit And Run” Star Dax Shepard Wants To Bang Taylor Kitsch (Well, Who Doesn’t?)

Discussing their upcoming caper comedy, Hit and Run, celebrity-couple costars Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell discussed their plan to hold off getting married until everyone could. But then the comely duo mentioned they would like to invite John Carter, Battleship and Savages star Taylor Hitsch “into their marriage” at some point.

Actually, watching Shepard, Bell and Kitsch roll around like puppies would be hot. We used to think Shepard was kind of blah, but then he filled out a little, shaved his face and got it together. Now he kinda feels like Paul Rudd a little.

We’re just surprised they went all the way to Kitsch for their magic unicorn when they’ve got Bradley Cooper in the friggin’ movie. And we hear he’s very good in bed.

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  • Peter

    So are they joking or what? About the marriage? About Kristen being bi? I always thought Kristen Bell was hot, but then Sylar had to go and kill her. Doh.

  • Olive Austin

    @Peter — Who said Kristen Bell is bi? Maybe they were joking (implying?) that Dax Shepard is. It’s THEIR marriage that would be opened to Kitsch, after all, not HER marriage.

  • kayakriver

    I really like Taylor Kitsch, too bad people were hating on John Carter, which was a great action movie.

  • Peter

    @ Olive Austin: Oh, OK. Sarcastic sound bites taken out of context can be pretty darn confusing! Though I still think Kristen Bell is hot.

    @kayakriver: Yeah, I thought John Carter was going to be a blockbuster, but then it just fizzled out. Movie goers didn’t know what to make of it so they just stayed away.

  • pscheck2

    I stilll have my fingers crossed that Taylor dodges the PDA bullet and the required PR hookups with a beard! So far, he has had no disclaimers to his credit, but then, he is coming into his own right now (althogh his latest ‘outings’ have been less than steller!) and the usual “Who is he dating? does he have a SO? On! wasn’t that Taylor Swift holding his hand (she gets arond!), etc.etc.! It seems no hunk, in film, can exist without a female companion in tow–if he doesn’t, well…hummmmmm? So, Taylor if you are reading this , stay the course and tell them to f*ck themselves!

  • JayHobeSound

    The cynic in me thinks the Hollywood publicity pros learned how effective it is to “tease” The Gays. Not maliciously, but they have a good track record tapping into the is he/isn’t he/we want him to be cell in our brains, LoL

  • Alan down in Florida

    I don’t know how good Bradley Cooper is in bed but he was awfully good standing up, propped against the wall in Wet Hot American Summer.

  • Yang Tai

    So gay is a choice..time to repeal every law then.

  • Superman

    Dax has excellent taste. In men.

  • gyntlgynt

    @kayakriver: I absolutely agree !!!

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