“Hit And Run” Star Dax Shepard Wants To Bang Taylor Kitsch (Well, Who Doesn’t?)

Discussing their upcoming caper comedy, Hit and Run, celebrity-couple costars Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell discussed their plan to hold off getting married until everyone could. But then the comely duo mentioned they would like to invite John Carter, Battleship and Savages star Taylor Hitsch “into their marriage” at some point.

Actually, watching Shepard, Bell and Kitsch roll around like puppies would be hot. We used to think Shepard was kind of blah, but then he filled out a little, shaved his face and got it together. Now he kinda feels like Paul Rudd a little.

We’re just surprised they went all the way to Kitsch for their magic unicorn when they’ve got Bradley Cooper in the friggin’ movie. And we hear he’s very good in bed.