HIV = Gay?


When we heard about the LA Gay and Lesbian Community Center’s new “HIV is a Gay Disease” ad campaign, we couldn’t help but think about the faux-Rent scene from Team America. Do you remember, or have you killed too many brain cells to recall the puppet’s running around singing about how they all have AIDS?

In an effort to combat communal apathy to the disease, the center hopes their campaign will force gays to confront the disease head on, rather than head in – as in unprotected head in ass. Lorri L. Jean, whose role as the chief executive of the center puts her in the spotlight, says:

We believe that most people in our community do not understand the degree to which this epidemic continues to be in Los Angeles largely an epidemic among gay and bisexual men.

Sure, the majority of infected LA folk may be gay, but the far-reaching consequences of this campaign extend far beyond the hell mouth that is Los Angeles, and many gay activists insist the Center’s over-stepped their bounds. 365 Gay reports:

“I applaud the desire to have more personal responsibility in the gay community, but this is not the way to achieve it,” said Michael Weinstein, head of the Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “AIDS is not a gay disease. It’s not an African American disease. It’s not a Latino disease. It is a disease of the immune system.”

We’re not sure where we stand on this controversial marketing campaign. We’re all about AIDS awareness – we’d be complete idiots not to be – but this whole thing seems a bit, oh, we don’t know, tacky. We’d almost prefer “All Gays Have AIDS” or “See That Gay Person? They have AIDS and if you don’t run for your life, you’ll have it, too!” What’s your take, opinionated and oh-so-thoughtful readers?