HIV = Gay? (Redux)

It’s been one week since President Bush delivered his State of the Union address, an address in which, according to some, he did too little to address the dire effects of homosexuality in America.

Writing for WorldNetDaily, conservative journo J Matt Barber criticizes Bush’s discussion of AIDS in Africa:

…The president…missed a valuable opportunity to address the needless HIV/AIDS epidemic within our own borders, which predominately affects – and infects – men who choose to engage in dangerous homosexual behaviors – and at times the women who love them.

To Barber and his peers, it’s imperative that the fight against AIDS be intrinsically linked to gay sex. In fact, Barber quotes Americans For Truth president Peter LaBarbera as saying:

It’s time to acknowledge the pink elephant in the room: Fighting AIDS without talking against homosexuality is like fighting lung cancer without talking against smoking.

The fight against AIDS, then, should focus primarily on gay HIV positive persons, rather than the fact that the retrovirus sees no sexuality, race, gender, class or, really, any sort of social demarcations. An interesting proposition – one with which we’re no stranger in these parts.

We know we’re asking a lot, but try to think back to early October. October 2nd, actually, when we reported on the LA Gay and Lesbian Community Center’s then-new “HIV is a Gay Disease” ad campaign. Certainly the medicinally-minded marketing caused quite a stir, drawing its fair share of gay ire. For Barber and friends, however, they’re right on the money.

While Barber lauds the Center’s advertising plan, he insists it falls short of the real problem: gay accountability. He writes:

For one to continue engaging in unnatural and immoral sexual behaviors of choice, one must deny the need for accountability. In fact, one must do away with accountability altogether. And so from this notion – from the human need to rationalize away sin – was born today’s fashionable and accountability-free “safe-sex” myth.

Alright, his argument holds water, but only in the extent that, yes, it’s unfortunately true people think condom’s are the sexual cure-all: a fallacy, to be sure. It’s with his conclusion that Barber begins to veer into conservative madness. Rather than suggestion, well, anything, he instead throws the ball to the liberals. He does, however, offer his own brand of antidote: .

..Rather than encouraging those trapped in the homosexual lifestyle to begin the admittedly difficult process of escape – which thousands of former homosexuals have successfully done – liberals prefer the nihilistic approach, one in which there are absolutely no absolutes and in which all morality rests entirely in the eye of the beholder.

Therefore, to show compassion – real compassion – and to effectively combat our own AIDS epidemic, which continues to needlessly destroy the lives of so many of God’s children struggling with same-sex attractions and behaviors, perhaps it’s time the left stop enabling, encouraging and promoting those attractions and behaviors. Perhaps it’s time for liberals to finally admit that political correctness is not only ridiculous and counterintuitive, but that in far too many cases, political correctness can be a real killer.

Oh, how clever. Not only does Barber admonish the homos for not understanding accountability, he puts all responsible on their liberal cohorts, thus clearing his conscience by rejecting any personal responsibility. Well done, Barber. Well done.