The Cell's Rear, That Is...

HIV Gets In The Rear

We all know HIV’s a piece of shit retrovirus, but little did we know how right we were. Scientists previously believed HIV entered and exited cells through specific virus portals. They’ve now discovered the little fucker’s been sneaking in the cell’s back door. Literally. Baltimore Examiner explains:

Scientists learned relatively recently about exosomes – an export system cells use to purge junk proteins and other “garbage” through the cell wall. Now Stephen Gould, professor of biological chemistry at Hopkins, says HIV uses this system to avoid killing the cell.

“Surprisingly, all that’s needed for a protein to get out of the cell in exosomes are the ability to clump together and attach to the cell’s membrane,” Gould said.

HIV has a specific protein that the cell registers as disposable, useless waste. If scientists can determine a way block cell’s exosomes, they may be able to halt the HIV.

Kind of like taking Pepto-Bismol…