3-d disease

HIV Has Never Looked So Cool

It’s a debilitating virus. The scourge of gay men (and every human being). The reason billions of dollars are spent every year to battle it. But this 3-D model of HIV — from Ivan Konstantinov the folks at Visual Science, who just won the 2010 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge’s illustration category — is just plain cool to see. The model “contains 17 different viral and cellular proteins and the membrane incorporates 160 thousand lipid molecules, of 8 different types, in the same proportions as in an actual HIV particle,” writes New Scientist. “It denotes the parts encoded by the virus’s own genome in orange, while grey shades indicate structures taken into the virus when it interacts with a human cell. To create the visualisation, the team consulted over 100 articles on HIV from leading science journals and talked to experts in the field. Then they reconstructed viral proteins from X-rays before assembling the structure of an entire HIV particle. The final appearance was achieved by experienced designers and 3D graphics specialists. Thanks to software and algorithms developed by the company, the model was completed in about three months.”

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  • Coxygru

    I thought triangles were supposed to pink, not orange and green…

  • Scott

    ‘Scourge of gay men’? I find that offensive. HIV isn’t a ‘gay only’ disease, nor is it even most prevalent amongst homosexual men, but rather heterosexual women.
    The idea of HIV as a ‘gay disease’ is thrown about by just about anyone with an anti-gay stance as a judgement on homosexuality and while I expect it from idiots like that, I am surprised to find such a phrase on this site.
    Poor choice of words, JD.

  • jason

    This is yet more fear-mongering put out by scientists associated with the AIDS industry. These scientists need funding and the only way they get it is if they scare governments and private bodies into giving it to them.

    Keep in mind that many viruses – including the flu virus – act in similar ways. There is nothing new about this.

    Let’s give the middle finger to the scientists associated with AIDS research. They are part of the problem, not the solution.

    I would suggest that many of you go and look up the growing body of evidence which indicates that HIV does not cause AIDS. Google Peter Duesberg.

  • declanto

    @jason: And the earth isn’t really round, the holocaust never happened, Elvis lives, aaaaand my doggie’s bigger’n yours.

  • Jeffree

    No, jason, there is NO growing body of evidence that HIV doesn’t produce AIDS.

    The studies proving the causality have been done and replicated on four continents by academic scientists with NO ties to the pharma industry. They have been peer-reviewed.

    Your delusions put you and other people at risk.

  • Qjersey

    Our community has gone all Sybil. One article on a Porn star coming out as Poz and now doing bareback porn provokes all this “choice” bull sh*t about personal sexual behavior and this post provokes pissy comments for calling HIV what it is. A GAY DISEASE (in the US and Western Nations). MSM, gay men, bisexual, or whatever label you want to use depending on your issues, still account for 50% of all new HIV infections EVERY DAMN YEAR.

  • Pete


    So, Jason, you say HIV does not cause AIDS? Do you also believe that the Earth is flat, and that AIDS was imbedded in the gay community by the Trilateral Commission working with the CIA? Your attitude and this sicko porn “actor” are major public health risks. Too bad. See where your anti-science gets you. Better buy your burial policy fast.

  • omgz

    @jason: you are batshit crazy.

  • Oli

    @Scott: Whilst I understand your point regarding HIV affecting everyone, I think its strange to pretend that it isn’t a Gay issue. It is. It just is. Heterosexual women in Western society are at NOTHING like the risk that Gay men are. This is a fact. Every medical professional agrees, the stats are widely available. Of course this fact has been used to discriminate against Gays, which is awful. It still remains a fact. Its immature to pretend otherwise. HIV is not a “gay disease” but it is the biggest issue that affects Gay health. So instead of trying to disassociate ourselves from it I think we should fight it properly, with full awareness of the heightened risk of exposure we face.

  • DavyJones

    @jason: I’d never heard of Peter Duesberg, so I did google him. Just reading the Wiki made my blood run cold. I don’t know how he can possibly sleep at night knowing his ‘science’ and advice led to 330,000 deaths in Africa.


  • jason

    AIDS does exist but it isn’t caused by HIV. The HIV-causes-AIDS theory was propagated by scientists with financial links to the pharmaceutical companies that were producing anti-HIV drugs. It was thus in the financial interests of the scientists to promote the notion that HIV causes AIDS. Their existence as drug company-funded scientists depended on it.

    Bark at me all you like – I simply don’t care. It’s high time that gay men stopped playing the viral victim card when clearly it’s not the issue. The real issue is the promiscuous nature of the gay male social scene, a scene built on frequent sex between total strangers.

    No wonder rates of gonorrhea etc are also pretty high amongst men who frequent the gay male social scene. Any social ghetto that encourages promiscuous sex within its boundaries is always going to have a high rate of sexually transmitted illnesses.
    Rates are represented by percentages – ie numbers of people per 100. The gay male social ghetto is relatively small in number but very promiscuous, thus imparting upon it the high rate concept.

    Keep in mind that this does NOT mean that the gay male orientation is inherently prone to high rates of sexually transmitted illnesses. There is no inherent anything within gay men except for their orientation. An illness will not attack you because you are sexually oriented in a particular way.

  • MikeE

    @jason: wow, I never thought I’d actually meet a real live Homo Idioticus,

    Because yes, everyone who has AIDS or AIDS-related illness is a slut and a whore.

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I know FAR too many people who had sex exactly ONCE and became ill.

    If the “promiscuity” joke you’re promoting were true, then how could there be women who have been infected by a single contact with an HIV+ man? And before you answer that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, yes, these women have gone on to develop symptoms and die of AIDS.

    Since you’re going to be a judgmental ass anyway, have a nice life.

  • Jeffree

    How many days does it take Queerty to look at “moderated” posts?

    Why does this site keep “timing out”?

  • justiceontherocks

    @Jeffree: It doesn’t time out as often as it is “unavailable” or “unable to connect with a server.” How 1990s.

  • B

    No. 9 · DavyJones wrote, “@jason: I’d never heard of Peter Duesberg, so I did google him. Just reading the Wiki made my blood run cold.” He’s actually a bright guy, but unfortunately he came up with the wrong hypothesis. His objections to the hypothesis that HIV causes AIDS can be read at http://www.duesberg.com/papers/ch2.html (note that this was written in 1988 and we know a lot more about the virus today).

    Those sorts of objections (to the extent that they describe how viruses normally behave) are actually useful – if you can figure out how HIV “gets around” those objections, you might learn something important about the virus and how it functions. The catch is that such discussions really need to be among experts in the field – the disaster you got in South Africa was due in part to politicians latching on to what they wanted to hear.

    Earlier in the 20th century Albert Einstein raised a series of objections to quantum mechanics. Those objections turned out to be wrong, but they were interesting ones and in trying to answer those objections, we learned a lot. Nobody thought badly of Einstein for raising them – to get a good test of a theory, you want to devise experiments that can disprove it. Of course, it was a discussion among physicists – someone’s life wasn’t on the line if some random person jumped to conclusions (and at the time, hardly anyone cared about what they were talking about).

  • B

    No. 13 · justiceontherocks wrote, “@Jeffree: It doesn’t time out as often as it is “unavailable” or “unable to connect with a server.” How 1990s.”

    You mean the web server timed out when it tried to connect to one of a number of database servers and reported “unable to connect with a server” to the user?

    QUEERTY simply has a slightly under provisioned web service to keep operating expenses down.

  • Jeffree

    @B:, @justiceontherocks: Thanks for the answers re: the error msgs I’ve been getting. I haven’t had those probs at other sites, so I was assuming it wasn’t on my end.

  • Jeffree

    Duesberg’s hypotheses may be interesting, but applying them IRL to a risk-management strategy is where I get really concerned. I err on the side of caution when it comes to sex, (despite my impulsivity!), because I want to get old & stay healthy & see full equality for LGBTs & get all those seniorcitizen discòúnts!

  • Mark


    You and what you just wotre may very well be the stupidest fucking thing ive ever had the displeasure of reading. Did you drop out of high school or something?

  • Mark

    Oh also just so you can realise how retarded you and peter douchebergs hypothesis is. How did all the children who got aids via breast feeding / birth transmission gets aids? How did people get aids when there were no drugs to treat it? Also if you had ever taken a microbiology course you would have learned that there is verifiable evidence of how the HIV virus works to destroy the immune system. But if you ever contract it you can just go ahead and not seek treatment im sure they will see you in the ICU with pneumocystis carini or some fun immunocomprised illness like that.

  • DavyJones

    @B: During the early days of AIDS/HIV research, I would agree with your assessment; all hypotheses hold value, as long as they are testable, and are modified when the evidence shows that they should be. Everything I can find suggests Duesberg went the other way though; refusing to accept scientific evidence which disproved his thesis. Which if we were discussing academic research into Black Holes or the creation of the universe, would just be described as stubborn, but in the context of medical research which directly effects peoples lives, his actions were reprehensible.

    He apparently sat on the Presidential Advisory Council in South Africa and gave credence to the strategy that literally cost lives; that’s not academic discussion go awry, that’s medical malpractice, and as I said, I don’t know how he can sleep at night; except I suppose to continue telling himself he’s right.

  • jason

    As I said earlier, AIDS does exist but it is not due to HIV. Put HIV completely out of your mind. It is not the cause of AIDS.

    In AIDS patients, the immune system has been diminished by one or a combination of the following factors: poor diets, drug use (including amyl nitrate, also known as poppers), sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes), and body self-abuse (lack of sleep, too much partying etc etc). In Africa and Asia, it’s mainly due to poor diets and sexually transmitted diseases.

    You need to understand that the major drug companies have ripped you off by spreading this false viral theory about AIDS. You’ve truly been duped. You are – and remain – the ripped off community. You all fell for the viral theory because you could never accept that it was your appalling lifestyle choices that contributed directly to the destruction of your immune systems.

    Stop projecting your lifestyle-abuse denial onto others, including other healthy gay people. Healthy gay people shouldn’t have to pay the price for your stupidity.

  • Jeffree

    @jason: You are unable to competently evaluate the evidence on HIV due to your paranoid thought disorder. Therefore you are a public health risk.

    Get some help.

  • Riker

    @jason: How do you say the Duesberg hypothesis is valid and that HIV is not the cause of AIDS? All that is is a hypothesis. A hypothesis is an educated guess. As far as I can tell, all the actual scientific evidence points to HIV as the cause. Your bold statement is backed up by as much evidence as me saying “The sky is not blue. It is green. Completely remove the thought of the sky being blue from your minds, it is not true.”

    In addition, since the 1980s the diagnostic criteria for AIDS has changed. Now, in order for a proper diagnosis, one of the criteria is the presence of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Therefore, the statement “HIV is present in all AIDS victims” is a tautology.

  • Blogshag

    How come few want to man up to the fact that doing drugs and having a terrible diet makes it easier to catch this virus? Fucking every tom dick and harry bareback or letting that trio fuck you bareback isn’t too smart either. And this practice everywhere. Bareback is all the rage now.

  • Navi

    @Scott: oh my god, he obviously didn’t mean it like that, he says “The scourge of gay men (and every human being)” did you stop reading the article half way through the second sentence?

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