HIV-Infected People May Undergo Forced Fingerprinting In Russia

fingermatchA new amendment proposed by a Federalist MP to a bill in Russia would see that all people with “dangerous diseases” including HIV be required to have their fingerprints entered into a national database.

The requirement would extend to foreigners visiting Russia in addition to citizens and residents.

The politician who created the amendment in question said that he came up with it as a way of keeping track of HIV-infected people who change their names and disappear from the state system. By his logic, this would be a win where public health issues are concerned.

Except it sure does sound a lot like right-wing American politicians calling for strict “voter I.D.” laws to curb voter fraud.

How big of a problem can HIV-infected people assuming false identities really be?

Much more likely is the government simply wanting to keep more data on its citizens – the more it knows, the more it can control (something we’ve heard plenty of lively debate on in the States since the NSA scandal).

This is especially clear since the bill it’s attached to would see to it that every Russian citizen be officially registered at their place of residence and undergo fingerprinting. The amendment simply calls for an additional health record database for diseases like HIV.

h/t: RT