HIV is not over. These beautiful people fight on for prevention and a cure.

With radical advances in treatment and prevention of HIV, it’s easy to forget there are still more than a million Americans living with HIV, and tens of thousands who are not even aware that they are. It is no time to become complacent, especially with urban areas such as New York and San Francisco getting close to achieving to zero new seroconversions and medical researchers zeroing in on a potential cure. Both goals are probably close to a decade away, so don’t let down your guard down.

On World AIDS Day in a year when progress hangs in the balance, San Francisco AIDS Foundation asked staff, community members, and leaders about their commitment to supporting our community, advocating for health equity, and standing up for our rights.

Queerty salutes the San Francisco AIDS Foundation as it celebrates its 35th anniversary.

Here’s some amazing folks on why we #ShowUp4HIV…