HIV On The Rise Among The Gays, Says CDC

Sheesh! Hasn’t HIV had enough? Isn’t it time to, like, just go away? Apparently not, because the Center for Disease Control just released some startling data:

The latest data on HIV infection across 33 states finds new diagnoses jumping by 12 percent annually between 2001 and 2006 among young gay and bisexual men.

Researchers at [CDC] say the rise is “especially concerning” for young black men aged 13 to 24 who have sex with men. For this group, the annual rate of new HIV diagnoses rose by 15 percent annually, compared to a 9 percent and an 8 percent annual rise among their white and Hispanic peers, respectively.

The CDC researchers reported that, “during 2001-2006, an estimated 214,379 persons had HIV/AIDS diagnosed in the 33 states.” Almost half (46 percent) of these new cases were diagnosed among men who have sex with men, and there was a noticeable decline in HIV transmission for the time frame in all categories except for this high-risk group, the report found.

Overall, gay and bisexual men comprised 63 percent of all cases of new infection among U.S. males, and almost two-thirds of new cases among men who have sex with men occurred in the 25-to 44-year-old age group, the CDC said.

Gosh, if only there were someone to prevent HIV infection. Oh, right, there is: condoms!