HIV Patients Need A Smile

HIV can be pretty stressful. You’ve got blood counts to worry about, lovers to inform, the ever-present worry of your own mortality. With all that on one’s shoulders, it may be tempting to get all gloomy Gus and let the disease wreak havoc on your psyche. This natural response, however, may be the worst possible route.

Scientists in Budapest hypothesize that one of the best tactic’s is, in fact, to face your fears and, yes, talk about them. USA Today reports:

HIV patients live longer if they face stress by venting their feelings, taking a realistic view of threats to their health and keeping a sense of self-worth, a study suggested over the weekend.

Patients who handled stress in emotionally healthy ways did better at fending off HIV… The better their coping methods at the start, the slower their decline of virus-fighting cells and the less HIV in their blood.

These findings, however, by no means suggest will power and a smile are enough to combat that nasty retrovirus.

Still, nothing beats a positive attitude. Isn’t that right, you horrible faggot messes?