HIV Positive Gay DJ Gets House Arrest For Again Having Unprotected Sex

Some people never learn – like, for example, South North Carolinian DJ Joshua Waldon Weaver.

Currently on probation for not revealing his HIV status to three lovers with whom he had unprotected sex, Weaver has now found himself under six-months house arrest after again transmitting perhaps tainted sperm. Fool.

On Sept. 6, Q-Notes reported that Weaver, 23, who works in clubs in Raleigh and Wilmington, pleaded guilty to charges that he failed to disclose his HIV-positive status and engaged in unprotected sex with three people. Weaver was given a suspended jail sentence and placed on probation. The terms of his probation ordered Weaver to use protection when engaging in sexual activity.

About two weeks ago Weaver was arrested after Wake County Public Health officials contacted his probation officer with information that he had possibly violated court orders by having sex without a condom.

Assistant District attorney Boz Zellinger told The News & Observer that health officials became aware of the DJ’s violation after he contracted another sexually transmitted disease that could have been prevented by the use of a condom.

We’d laugh at the irony of this STD misfortune, but our bemusement’s been squashed by the sad realization that Weaver’s lover may have received much worse than anything a health official could cure.