Gets 4O Months and Dishonorable Discharge

HIV Soldier Found Guilty

Bad news for Johnny Lamar Dalton, the HIV-positive soldier who stood trial for having unprotected sex with a teenager:

[Dalton] has been sentenced to 40 months in military prison for having unprotected sex with an 18 year-old male he met online. Dalton had tested positive last year and was ordered by his superiors not to have unprotected sex. After the teenager tested positive, his mother notified the military. Dalton was convicted of violating a direct order, committing an “indecent act”, and possessing marijuana. After his sentence is completed, Dalton will be dishonorably discharged.

While we’re totally against the way our military treats gay people, we’re glad to hear this man’s being punished. Except for the marijuana infraction. That’s bogus.