H&M Wants To Know If You’d Like To See David Beckham Naked

H&M needs your help determining how much clothing David Beckham will wear in their upcoming Super Bowl ad, so they’re asking one of the most absurd questions with a blatantly obvious answer: “Do you want to see David Beckham #covered or #uncovered?”

The clothing retailer has shot two different versions of the ad for Beckham’s signature underwear line, both of which feature the soccer stud ziplining, scaling buildings, and looking hot as hell after being locked out of a photoshoot on a rooftop. Depending on how fans vote (gee…we wonder how this will end), Beckham will arrive at the photoshoot #covered in his underwear or #uncovered in his birthday suit.

The two versions are just a matter of cropping, the latter showing a tight shot of Beckham’s upper body rather than his full underwear-clad body, but since H&M hasn’t exactly explained how to vote for an outcome (visit HM.com, they say), we’re pretty sure they’ve already opted for the obvious conclusion.

We’re sure Bitch Spice prefers him #covered, but tell us, how do you like your Beckham?


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    TBH If I never again saw his weasely face and matronly hips I wouldn’t be overly distraught

  • BBellairs

    You know how some men look better IN clothes than out of them? Just my opinion, but Mr. B. is one of them!

  • Daveliam

    Yeah, he’s pretty hot in clothes, but I’m not gonna lie and say I’m not interested in him out of clothes too.

  • yaoming

    “Covered” gets my vote.

  • Bonny1986

    I would like to see him naked so i could see for myself if he is bluffing regarding his “bulge”he is showing in all his underwearpics on the net”

  • SteveDenver

    @PRINCE OF SNARKNESS aka DIVKID: So you just stopped by to add your bitchery?

    As for these ads, a matter of cropping? Show all of him. Those who think they need to be critical can simply look away… or not.

  • Louis

    Yawns another heterosexual who has never been gay friendly yet people still drool over him.

    Ill pass for someone that actually supports us as human beings.

  • Niall

    @Tackle: Weird that you said you’d rather see Adam Levine naked, yet if I didn’t know if you were describing Beckham, everything you said applies to Levine in addition to annoying chipmunk voice that sounds like he’s being kicked in the balls.

  • helen bridges

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  • jwrappaport

    Uncovered, thank you.

    @Louis: I don’t really follow him that much, but my understanding is that he’s very supportive of gay rights and generally kind and open with his gay fan base. I think it’s pretty bold of you to suggest that he doesn’t support us as human beings.

  • Cam

    Beckham isn’t unattractive, but I just get zero sexual vibes from him. Kind of maniquinish and boring. Like Brad Pitt, nice face but I can’t imagine either of them being any good in bed.

  • Louis

    @jwrappaport: Supply the proof then .

    Ive never once heard him ever say anything supportive of the gay community.

  • Tackle

    @Niall: You’re right. They both do have very similar bodytypes. While both men are nice looking,I’ll give the edge to Adam, and I find him sexier. And for those reasons, I’d rather see Adam naked…

  • Stefano

    Very very sexy

  • Will L

    Seeing him in underwear is far more than I want to see.

  • jwrappaport

    @Louis: Sorry, but it was you made the clear implication that he doesn’t “support us as human beings.” You made the positive claim, so the burden of proof is on you. I’ll concede as unproven the point on his support of gay rights, but anything further and the burden is on you.

  • queertyreader

    Am I the only one who thinks he is not very attractive?

  • jonjct

    of course he is attractive, but no sexual vibe at all. i am really okay not seeing anymore. i suspect the bulge pics are just a stray sock. the shorts look too puffy and kinda light/airy to be the real david beckham in there. spicy snatch can have all of him.

  • cryonix

    His full frontal is already online… Yes it’s Big… Yes it’s Gift Wrapped and no I’m not interested as it’s been over SPICED already…Sorry Victoria… But I just refuse to eat sushi…

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