H&M Wants To Know If You’d Like To See David Beckham Naked

H&M needs your help determining how much clothing David Beckham will wear in their upcoming Super Bowl ad, so they’re asking one of the most absurd questions with a blatantly obvious answer: “Do you want to see David Beckham #covered or #uncovered?”

The clothing retailer has shot two different versions of the ad for Beckham’s signature underwear line, both of which feature the soccer stud ziplining, scaling buildings, and looking hot as hell after being locked out of a photoshoot on a rooftop. Depending on how fans vote (gee…we wonder how this will end), Beckham will arrive at the photoshoot #covered in his underwear or #uncovered in his birthday suit.

The two versions are just a matter of cropping, the latter showing a tight shot of Beckham’s upper body rather than his full underwear-clad body, but since H&M hasn’t exactly explained how to vote for an outcome (visit HM.com, they say), we’re pretty sure they’ve already opted for the obvious conclusion.

We’re sure Bitch Spice prefers him #covered, but tell us, how do you like your Beckham?