business as usual

Hobby Lobby forces staff to work during coronavirus after CEO’s wife receives message from God

As more and more major retailers across the nation temporarily close their doors in an effort to protect their employees’ health and control the spread of coronavirus, Christian crafting superstore Hobby Lobby is conducting business as usual.

Last week, Hobby Lobby managers received a memo from CEO David Green informing them that all stores must remain open because his wife, Barbara, who he describes as a “prayer warrior,” spoke to God and he told her he’s got everything under control.

“In her quiet prayer time this past week, the Lord put on Barbara’s heart three profound words to remind us that He’s in control,” Green wrote. “Guide, Guard, and Groom.”

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The evangelical billionaire’s letter continued: “We serve a God who will Guide us through this storm, who will Guard us as we travel to places never seen before, and who, as a result of this experience, will Groom us to be better than we could have ever thought possible before now.”

Hobby Lobby employs over 40,000 people across the country, the vast majority of whom are paid by the hour and do not get paid sick leave.

In his letter, Green said he “appreciate[s] every one of you,” but not enough, evidently, to take any meaningful precautions to protect them from getting sick and potentially dying.

Green concluded his letter by reassuring managers that the company is doing fine financially but that they’ll probably have to “tighten their belts” soon, which likely means cutting hours and/or laying off the very people who are currently risking their lives to sell cheap crafting supplies on Green’s behalf.

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