Brian Brown

‘Hollywood hates Carrie. First they abuse her, then they try to get her to recant, then they threw mud’

SOUNDBITES — “Hollywood hates Carrie. First they abuse her, then they try to get her to recant, then they threw mud, and now they are doing what they wanted to do from day one: Get rid of Carrie. This cover story about a contract dispute doesn’t pass the smell test. Americans aren’t fooled that easily. God knows, and we know, the truth about Carrie: She’s a young woman of great beauty who chose truth over the glittering tiara that Hollywood offers. Of course they will try to punish her, but we know she will be fine in the end, because her values are in the right place.” —Respected zealot Brian Brown, executive director of the National Organization for Marriage [NOM]

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  • dgz

    i think it’s a combination of the Cali Committee’s official story and Carrie’s allegation. i wonder if organizations that want miss CA to appear at events pay the Miss U organization… and i bet they’ve gotten a lot of cancellations. so, Carrie wasn’t able to fulfill her obligations, because i bet a lot of those obligations ceased to exist.

    just an idea.

  • Qjersey

    Bitch got full of herself is all. Pageant queens are paid to appear at events,smile and make pretty, not promote their personal agendas on Fox news instead.

    No show = No Job

  • stevenelliot

    typical Paris Hilton mentality. Perez Hilton included. What does this generation have to offer our country?? They expect to be paid to do nothing….If Ms Prejean had done her job, she’d still be working. But no. Just like everybody else who is 20 something in California, she thinks simply because she’s beautiful and been on the boob tube she’s entitled. A perfect example of the entitlement generation at work…..

    Then when someone with some sense fires them, they bitch about how they’ve been dissed. Grow up Ms Prejean…..the world wasnt made for you alone.

  • osocubano

    Who gives a flying fuck?

  • Alex

    @stevenelliot: Um, not to start an inter-generational pissing contest, but we did get a black guy with virtually no experience elected President. In the United States. I’m just saying, there have always been obnoxious pieces of shit, and you’re dating yourself [insert masturbation joke here]. Also, we completely changed the way humans interact via web 2.0. But yeah, we’re pretty worthless otherwise.

  • dm73

    Really, they should’ve just thrown pig’s blood instead…who cares about this genetic freak? Her “accomplishment” is due to genetics. She’s no different than a cow who when’s best in show at the State Fair…same difference.

  • dm73

    oops I meant wins….damn it. (lol!)

  • michael

    So she will be okay in the end because her “values” are in the right place…………I wonder how Anita Bryant would respond to that? When you consider she ended a failure and bankrupt with everything she touched after her hate campaign in the 70’s. She will go down like all bigots go down in the end. A shame and disgrace. What a pity she is ruining her life and whats even more of a pity is how everyone from her college to the Maggie the Sow’s marriage org. is using her and will throw her away once they are done with her. I predict that within 10 yrs she will be a drunken, pill popping mess.

  • BradK

    “…but we know she will be fine in the end, because her values are in the right place…”

    Yes and those “values” are filled with silicone, courtesy of the Miss California Pageant. Wonder if they can sue her to recover the costs of their “investment”?

  • Scott in NYC

    I have to say, I’ve struggled with this whole Carrie thing from day one. I obviously and completely disagree with her stance on gay marriage. But is it okay to try to destroy her becuase she spoke honestly? Nobody thinks anything else is happening here but a witch hunt. Does it advance our cause or actively work to destroy it by behaving in this way?

    For the record, guess who has holds PRECISELY the same position position on gay marriage. President Barack Obama.

    Perhaps a lot of the posers who post on this site can put aside their ideological biases for just a moment and call it like it is.

  • Synnerman

    NoM lies for a living, Carrie just gravitated to her level. Too bad you can get fired if you do not do your bloody job.

  • Lance Rockland

    Thank you,Donald Trump, for doing the RIGHT thing.

    Homophobes lose again!

  • unclemike

    Why do conservatives always think “freedom of speech” means “freedom from criticism?”

    By the way: we’re not trying to destroy her. She’s doing a great job of that by herself every time she opens her pie-hole.

  • Addyboo

    If you are not as angry with President Barack Obama as you are with the former Miss California, then you are hypocrites and should keep your mouths shut. The fact that you feign outrage over an American expressing her 1st Amendment rights speaks volumes about yourselves.

  • Scott in NYC

    Addyboo…I couldn’t agree more. If you don’t like what this girl says (I certainly don’t), then fine. But she has the right to say it and she answered a question honestly. Yet, the President can say EXACTLY the same thing and there is no vitriol directed at him. I don’t get it.

  • osocubano

    I’m not angry with Ms Prejean, I’m just amazed at her stupidity and her refusal to take responsibility for her problems.

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