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Hollywood’s “Coming Out” Pointman Howard Bragman Knows Why Rupert Everett Is So Bitter


Oh, you’ve got to love Howard Bragman, the gay Hollywood publicist who helps gay actors come out of the closet — and takes money from homophobes to try to get them back in the good graces of the gay community. Always ripe for a soundbite, Bragman’s latest news cycle contribution comes courtesy Rupert Everett, the eternally bitter actor who, aside from promising to vacate the United Kingdom is David Cameron takes over, is recommending to gay wannabe actors that they stay in the closet if they ever want to find work. And Bragman — who just led Family Ties actress Meredith Baxter’s coming out march — is letting Rupert off the hook.

“As I read [the Guardian article], the important part of what Rupert said wasn’t about actors and opportunities,” says Bragman. It was at the end where he said that, despite the professional opportunities he was denied, he was a happier person.”

Rupert Everett

Actually, that’s not exactly what Rupert said. Rather, the actor noted that he was “probably much happier than [closeted gay actors] are. I may not be as rich or successful, but at least I’m vaguely free to be myself.” That doesn’t mean Rupert himself is happy; we know this man to be bitter and feel belittled. All Rupert is saying is that he believes he’s probably a smidge more content than gay actors who hide.

But barely.

Rupert’s railing against being open and gay in entertainment is not new. He claims coming out killed his career, and it’s something he’ll probably never get over. Thus, his advice to young Hollywood to shuddup and find a beard.

Continues Bragman: “And I can tell you that of all the many, many actors I have taken out of the closet, not one has ever regretted the decision to live their life honestly. Whether it hurts an actor, I always tell people that may be what happens, and they have to measure their personal happiness against their potential career. There may well have been other reasons Rupert didn’t become the leading man he imagined himself going to be. But this isn’t about your bank account. This is about your soul.”

This, from a man who takes money from hotelier and Prop 8 cheerleader Doug Manchester and puts it into his bank account as he tries convincing gay America that, hey, Doug isn’t so bad. What was that now about your soul?

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  • jimsteele2008

    Dear Rupert is just a grumpy person. He will always have something to fuss about, and that is okay. What was not okay was that awful movie he did with Madonna after his golden performance in My Best Friend’s Wedding. That was a poor career choice–coming out was not. xxoo

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    I could really care-less about Rupert’s stomping out of Britain in a huff…I just hope he doesn’t come here to stay. His career’s stalled if not over, he’s difficult to get along or work with. and he blames everyone else for his problems. Oh, that’s Andrew Sullivan.

    Bitter, table for one….

  • romeo

    Coming out did not ruin Rupert’s career. His career arc was as good as it was going to be. He was never a super hot leading man, though he did get some action that way early on. The simple fact of the matter is he is not that photogenic, way more important in movies and TV than talent. And he’s never shown anything like an extraordinary range with his talent.

    The “coming out ruined my career” stuff is just a rationalization. He’d do his career a favor by getting over that and pulling up his socks.

  • Bill

    Rupert who?

  • ricky

    i don’t think it helped rupert when he said he was both gay and a male whore for money. he was a hooker. and he wrote about it.

  • Fuck this Traitor

    Who cares what Howard Bragman thinks?

    He’s taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from “Papa Doug” Manchester, in an effort to break the gay boycott of his hotel that has been going on since Manchester helped fund Proposition 8.

    Bragman’s a traitor, a sleaze, a rich bitch, and an outcast from the gay community.

    So who cares what he thinks?

  • mk

    Rupert was out and everyone knew it when the critics and women were in love with him over My Best Friends Wedding. He had a real window of opportunity there. He blew it not by being out but by being unpleasant to work with, choosing bad projects and not marketing himself well in interviews.

  • Jeff


    Unless Howard Bragman worked for Doug Manchester prior to the Prop 8 fiasco and was unaware of his client’s position on the same or he subsequently worked for him but donated all of his earnings from Manchester to Marriage Equalitiy organizations, he’s reprehensible.

    With regard to Rupert, I had the opportunity to meet and work with Rupert in the past -disclaimer: I haven’t dealt with him in a few years – and he’s one of the nicest, most generous, funniest, down to earth and intelligent actors that I’ve ever met. I trust that is also the opinion of most, if not all, of my fellow Miamians who dealt with him during his residency in Miami. I know for a fact that it’s the opinion of my former co-workers and staff. He’s a sweetheart and a true gentleman. A nice guy!

    Rupert was initially praised for his acting in “Another Country,” (stage and screen),followed by “Dance With A Stranger,” “The Madness of King George,” “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and the recent Broadway revival of “Blithe Spirit” with Angela Lansbury and Christine Ebersole. Perhaps his career choices have not always been the best, but working with Angela and Christine is an impressive gig. “The N.Y. Times”gave him a good review. So his career is not exactly in the dumps.

    Please keep in mind that Rupert came out in 1989 – TWENTY YEARS AGO! We’re still discussing the homophobia that forces actors/musicians/athletes/journalists/celebrities to remain closeted today! Have any young male film actors with leading man potential publicly come out on their own in the past twenty years? I know of at least two rising young British actors, one French young leading actor and also a Spaniard who haven’t had the balls that Rupert has in terms of coming out as a gay men. Look at all the recent Queerty pieces involving Matt Bomer, who really hasn’t had the film career that Rupert had at his age? Then there are the other allegedly closeted American actors, journalists, musicians, etc., who ostensibly remain in the closet for career considerations. Like him or hate him, Rupert had balls!

    During a dinner with Rupert a few years ago he eloquently and intelligently discussed the homophobia that gay actors have to deal with and also the mysogeny that female actresses have to deal with in the cruel, harsh, often disgusting business of show business with my partner and I. It was mind boggling and enlightening discussion. It also served as a wakeup call regarding the rampant mysogeny and homophobia that still prevails in Hollywood.

    Perhaps he is bitter about not having had a more financially rewarding career and the accolades that go with it. I don’t know. I do know that the homophobic Hollywood community couldn’t be bothered to nominate him for a Best Supporting Actor Award for “My Best Friend’s Wedding” when all of the critics raved about him and audiences loved him and then awarded it to that acting nonentity who shouted “Show me the money” to Tom Cruise – what a riveting performance!

    Rupert had the balls to come out when he was still leading man material, live as an openly gay man and discuss his rent boy past in
    “US Magazine” in ’97. For his courage and honesty he has proven exemplary, regardless of poor career choices and interviews/statements that may upset the LGBT community. Keep in mind that Ellen’s careered faltered for a while after she came out and Rosie didn’t come out until after she finished her show and stopped swooning over Tom Cruise. Ughhh! Rupert was involved at one time with the beautiful French actress Beatrice Dalle (“Betty Blue,” etc) and he never made an issue about it the way Rosie did regarding her alleged infatuation with Tom.

    Hollywood is a reactionary community – until Will Smith became a huge action/movie star, no one thought that a Black man could achieve the same. Twenty years ago did anyone actually think that we’d ever have a Black President? We’ve still never had a Female President. New York just dashed our hopes for marriage equality. It’s not a pretty scenario. Like him or not, Rupert had the balls to take a stand and live as an openly gay man and he should be applauded for the same. Ian McKellan waited until he was a bit long in the tooth to come out and I seriously doubt that he was ever deemed a potential leading man. I disagree with Rupert’s advice to young actors but I do understand where it’s coming from. The point is that we need more young actors who have Rupert’s courage to fight the good fight and accomplish for LGBT actors what Will Smith achieved for Black actors in terms of breaking down barriers. Remember Halle’s acceptance speech at the Oscars wherein she acknowledged and thanked all of the Black actresses who helped pave the way for her award? Well, like it or not, that’s exactly what Rupert did – it’s just that to date no male film actor with leading man potential has followed his lead.

    Jeff R

  • cenz

    to Jeff – I never met him but I am getting a good vibe from him.
    thnxs for the sweet post the man deserves it.

    But what I would like to point out is that he is an outspoken man who for better or worse gives his opinion. So many today like to polish the bosses nobs to get ahead in their career and hide behind their convinctions.

    We live in mediocre society these days and to have someone like
    Rupertt Everett saying like it is. Is refreshing and essential.

    Thank You Rupert !!

  • The Artist

    Why is anyone paying attention to Rupert! Ugh! The man is a total mess!

  • hephaestion

    Aretha Franklin?

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