Hollywood’s Cream of The Gay Crop Revealed!

In other media-related, but certainly more lighthearted news, the boys over at AfterElton have compiled a list of Hollywood’s most powerful gay boys, complete with list of anally-inclined accomplishments and fun queer quotes. Included in the list are Michael Patrick King, Will and Grace co-creator, Max Mutchnick and music mogul, David Geffen. And, of course, who could forget the only black man included, Paris Barclay: the same man who just days ago called for Isaiah Washington‘s head? It’s also worth noting that there’s not a single actor among the bunch.

As for our favorite, we have to say Darren Star.

How could we not love the man who brought us Melrose Place and Central Park West, wrote for 90210 and Sex and The City? It would be homo heresy. Although, we have to say we’re disappointed with his “cool quote” lifted from the Austin Chronicle:

I think, for me, it’s not about doing something about a ‘gay’ character, but rather doing something about an interesting character whose sexuality is part of his life.

That’s the best they could come up with? We think they have gotten a little more creative and included a special word from Heather Locklear‘s legendary Amanda Woodward:

Get used to the fact that even the most perfect, sensitive guy is, bottom line,a dog. I mean, he might be a well-behaved dog, but he still howls at the moon and grabs the first leg he can get ahold of.

We like to imagine that’s how Star and his Hollywood homies talk when the camera’s off. And, of course, engage a cat fight or five…