Safer Sex

Hollywood’s wild answer to shooting sex scenes during pandemic

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As Hollywood rushes to move back into production amid the COVID-19 pandemic, special effects artists will take on a new duty: sex coaches. Studios have opted to use computer graphics to complete sex scenes otherwise impossible during the coronavirus outbreak.

Hollywood production will resume after June 12 in accordance with California law. Now, The Sun reports that leaked documents film editors’ trade association state that scenes of love and intimacy–including kissing or sex scenes–will need to be “either rewritten, abandoned or CGI.” In the latter case, effects artists will use computer compositing to show two actors being intimate. Said performers will either have to be filmed separately, or wearing protective masks that artists will erase in post-production.

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In addition to the new standards for love scenes, casting directors will have to audition actors behind a plexiglass screen. Crew will also have to wear protective gear while on set, and every set will have a “coronavirus compliance officer” on hand to make sure cast & crew adhere to the new rules.

Production on new films and television series shut down in March in accordance with social distancing guidelines due to COVID-19. Several major productions, including The Matrix 4, The Batman and Venom 2 all halted due to the pandemic.