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  • David

    Morning Goods picture galleries should be set up like this. For real!

    Lance and his men are cute haha

  • Miley Crisis

    Gross. Fucking icky guys with great abs who obviously have nothing to do with their time then hang out in the gym or worry about who they are having sex with that night.
    Let’s get real.

  • eric m.

    @Miley — jealous, dear?

  • theworld

    Ignore Miley. It looks like they had a nice day. :-)

  • Miley Crisis

    not jealous…just hate that THIS is what is served up as to what/how gay men should look/act/aspire too. And why should we care that these three men are playing on the beach?

  • Matt

    Lance is greatly improved. But, I’m still not attracted to him in the least bit.

    Now, the blond with the slightly receding hairline, the Brazilian, and basically everybody else are in the Hott Damn category.

  • eric m.

    @Miley – ah, that makes more sense. Yeah, I don’t know if this is the most valuable Queerty post ever, and we could have a whole conversation about body images presented in gay media. I was reacting because — as a former computer-nerd fatty who has been working his ass off at the gym, so now I’m a nerd with nice abs — I thought it was a bit much for you to say “icky guys with great abs who obviously have nothing to do with their time then hang out in the gym or worry about who they are having sex with that night.” ;-)

  • The Milkman

    Honey, I’m not sure how any of these boys are “icky”. And I’m sure they’re having a really rough time of it, what with all that empty sex and aimless beachgoing. Bless their hearts.

  • cruiser

    @eric m.: good for you, It’s great when someone decides to take control of their life again. Hope it works out(no pun intended)for you!

  • eric m.

    @cruiser: Thanks :-) Now I just need some frolicking with cute fellas on a tropical beach, as seen above ;-) E

  • cruiser

    Yes Lance has improved a great deal(except for that asinine faux hawk haircut)he’s a good looking guy. Regardless of what anyone else here may think personally I think he is quite dateable(and not just because of his past celebrity)he just seems as though he is a genuinely nice guy(and we ALL know how rare they are). Looks like the guys had a great time on their vacation(wish I was there), the thing about Lance is he always manges to either hang outwith or end up dating some of the hottest guys around(which you sort of have to admire him for)makes me even more jealous or at least envious.
    How can I turn the clock back and find a way to look like these guys?! Damn guess it’s too late for me!

  • cruiser

    @eric m.: If you manage to find a way to find all the cute fellas to frolic with, PLEASE let me come along if just for the “scenery”

  • imayogi

    GOOD for him! Lance looks like he’s having a great time with his friends. Everyone looks happy and healthy. Stop the hate haters!

  • Paul

    Never been much of a Lance Bass fan, but I’ve got to admit – he looks good! He’s been working out for sure….but then if your an unemployed millionaire, what else is there…..well, except fucking….

  • cruiser

    @The Milkman: If these “boys” are “icky” then by all means bring em on.
    If this is “icky” then I CAN’T wait to see what incredible looks like!

  • sal

    wow look at all the love for lance!he must be soooooo ………

  • mizarkey

    As Gilda Radner as Baba Wawa might say in a bored tone:
    “how vewy ordinawy”

  • Paul

    @mizarkey: You made my day with this Gilda reference. Waskaley wabbits!

  • Miley Crisis

    I shouldn’t hate. This is true. It just feels very Paris Hilton.
    “Booooring” indeed.

  • Nate

    What an interesting life celebrities have. Go on vacation, then whore the pictures out to the press. Please get fucking real.

  • cruiser

    @Paul: God how I wish I was an un-employed millionaire then I could go to the gym all the time, go on fabulous vacations with hot looking guys like these and do everything else.

  • Z reveals

    Fun times! Love the pics and his abs!

  • Bill

    Whenever a good-looking gay man is ripped there is always critism they work out too much or are creating “unrealistic” images for gay men etc. Yet I never see or hear that critism when it comes to heterosexual males. It is all about jealousy and self-hatred. You can’t stand that a gay man is fit and is getting a lot of attention. Go work out and you’ll get attention too. BTW, the bodies these guys have are very achievable for any man without a gym membership or a lot of time.

    I like the blond guy in the middle (first pic) with cut abs.

  • Stop! Or My Daddy Will Shoot!

    Queerty comment section: the self-righteous indignation of Jezebelers, with the all the frothy wit of a YouTube thread. Yeesh. It’s like where pithy bon mots go to die. I swear, some of y’all are the most mizzzerable, humorless gays since … (don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it)… since Nazis. There. Thread over. Have a nice weekend.

  • buttmunch

    yeah abs are cute but won’t make you better in bed, in a relationship etc.
    must haves in the media, but totally in inconsequential in real life – at least for us unpretentious people

  • Bertie

    YES – I think if I was young, wealthy and had my days free then I would view working out and being HOT 24/7 as my job.

    Until then…I’ll just be an average hater.

    Nice work if you can get it tho.

  • Miley Crisis

    on another note….
    i agree that ALL of the Morning Goods post should be in this format.

  • cruiser

    @Miley Crisis: I’ll second that!

  • cruiser

    @Bertie: If only…alas I’ll just have to settle for being poor & “average”

  • Bradley

    I think Lance looks absolutely fantastic and it’s great seeing him having fun with friends.

  • Viktor

    He looking for attention, how many famous people just release pics. Ok, and how many semi-celebs…a lot.

    We don’t see this from Will Smith or Brad Pitt, so I can’t help but to think that this is a publicly stunt

  • alan brickman

    Lance Bass is one lucky dude… plus is he working out? nice muscles guy…

  • mb00

    You know, I never thought he was that attractive, until last summer I was visiting in California and my bf and I saw him at Pasadena’s Rosebowl flee market. He’s actually better looking in person.
    He looks really good in these pics though, but I just can’t bet past all the tacky, over the top decor…it’s so early 90’s.

  • scott

    whoa. Lance has an 8 pack. And yet, he really doesn’t look ripped in his chest. Weird.

    Lance actually is pretty big. He’s bigger than I thought he’d be.

    Oh and I don’t see anything wrong aspiring to be on vacation, on a beach, having fun, with a bunch of good friends. Hell, I definitely want to aspire to do that!!!

  • alan brickman

    who’s the blond guy?….superhot! will vacation with him anytime…

  • Nick

    He’s got a pretty nice stomach. Now he just needs to work on the chest.

  • Mark

    “Gross. Fucking icky guys with great abs who obviously have nothing to do with their time then hang out in the gym or worry about who they are having sex with that night.”

    ~Obviously~ you don’t know any of them, so stop being bitter and get out of the internet then, because ~obviously~ you don’t have anything better to do with YOUR time.

  • rickroberts

    @Miley Crisis: Dude, it’s just the guy’s vacation. Nobody said you have to aspire to that. You must be an ugly, sour person.

  • kelly

    This is so imposing to his privacy. These are his personal vacation pictures that obviously someone stole!!

  • Gary

    Who is the hottie in the Red Sox cap?

  • Frank in Miami

    Lance actually is pretty big.

    As in hung?


    Why would you want the Morning Goods set up so you can’t see which pictures you want to look at without opening them?

  • Rob W.

    Can we get some pics of the three-way? Paging TMZ…

  • vince

    there’s sth weird in his face though.

    i mean hes got this look of a serial killer who knits sweaters from peoples guts and then comes back home and cuddles with his boyfriend as if nothing happened. :)

  • joe

    Im Jealous, Reminds me of my crazy, fun times in P-Town in the
    summer months of the early 90’s. all we wore were shorts and moses shoes.
    Their all a bunch of hot handsome guys. I envy them!

    now I miss my old friends from my youth.

    You negative people out there, are all JOL…Jealous of Lance.

  • alan brickman

    Stop being jealous…such bitter queens…

  • cruiser

    @Frank in Miami: One may never know ;-)

  • javajunko

    kinda sad that the only thing this former boybander guy is famous for now or gets any attention from is from him posing for photos partying or hanging out with flaky gay guys looking for attention. how boring. How about he actually does something worthy of attention for a change like….work or sing, did he loose his brains and talent after he came out of the closet?

  • Freeman

    @Miley Crisis: Believe me, I’m in no way jealous of Lance but I do think he represents the very stereotypical and cliché gay male that so many of us strive for- wealthy, white, tan, exercised beyond description with enough expendible cash for lavish vacations with your fellow aging Abercrombie gays. It’s super easy call someone bitter even though they’re pointing out the truth.

  • michael

    I think its great that he is young, rich, and having fun. Who would turn that opportunity down? Nothing wrong with it and he should enjoy it. Everyone should enjoy this time in their lives.

    But I have also come to discover that as life progresses and we age that happiness and fullfillment starts coming from other sources. I still love my great clothes, good trips, redecorating my house etc. But what I really strive for is what fills my heart. I volunteer with at risk LGBT youth and its hard, but its also rich and taught me what it really means to love. I have learned through working on myself how to listen and be with people in a whole new way. I can sit with my friends as well as others that cross my path and really be with them, share what they are going through and just love them. My beloved dog is growing older and I find so much happiness just holding him and spoiling him in his old age because seeing him happy just makes me happy. And I have learned to love my partner of 10 years in a deeper way as well. The hardships and problems we have worked through has deepened my love for him and I have grown so much.

    So bring on the boys in sexy swimsuits. Enjoy building a beautiful body. And enjoy life. My favotite movie quote is when Auntie Mame says “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death”. But we all need to show and teach that the banquet table we feed from contains a balanced diet and from that we find our real happiness, purpose and fullfillment.

  • cruiser

    @michael: Great comment Michael & how true it is on all counts. Frankly I think it is wonderful that you have found fulfillment in your life & I think it is incredible the way in which you have found it also.
    I agree with you that Lance is just about to turn 30 he is still young, attractive & has money to spare, so why not enjoy as much of life as you can while you are still young enough to do so. So yes bring on the sexy boys in their swimsuits & their hard bodies so that especially the younger generation can see that youth is a time to enjoy yourself, experience what life has to offer you and as you get older you will learn to appreciate the “finer things” in life. Youth fades so quickly so why not get the most out of while you are still young?!
    That quote from “Auntie Mame”(one of my all time favorite movies w/the inimitable Ms Rosalind Russell as Auntie Mame)is too true for too many people!

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)




    From the blog LA*SURFPUNK HOLLYWOOD:

    1. We hate BASS FAT ASS. Where do we start… why didn’t you come out as a FAG during your heyday in a boy band. Oh that’s right, you would have been kicked out and not made your fortune. So to this blog–you are a COWARD. Not a leader, not someone to look up to, not a role model. Look at TR Knight, an openly gay man going to work on a major network show and taking the licks when co-stars, black none the less, call him a FAGGOT. He persevered and justice was his, having that homophobe fired from the show. And not afraid to walk hand in hand with his boyfriend on the streets of LA. Now TR is a role model.
    2. Your attitude of self-importance and self-entitlement and your “friends” have that air about them too. Sweetie we wish you would drive off a cliff somewhere in the Hollywood Hills and never be heard of again, along with your smarmy friends. No one cares who you’re on holiday with. What exactly are you doing with your fame? Who are you helping? What legacy do you want to leave. What little gay boy in middle America COULD you be helping right now instead of worrying about your tan and your worthless insipid friends.
    3. Fags are fighting the fight. Battling against Prop 8, taking to the trenches of HRC and Trevor Project , to name a few. Fighting so that a California school will show RENT. We are starting our own bands and bringing our own vision to the forefront–not catering to an image for teen TWAT or adult CUNT. We are playing for the guys who love guys. Being out so every straight Hollywood producer, casting agent, and Hollywood manager can see what a PROUD and OUT GAY male looks like. And being visible at the casting calls. We may not get the parts NOW for being openly gay but at least we are on the front line in numbers so that one day we break the odds and get the parts. And little gay boys in middle America can look and see that he can be gay and have a career in Hollywood or in any city or be in a boy band and see an OPENLY GAY male playing a guitar, drums or singing and feel relief that he will not be scorned or persecuted for who he is and wants to become.

  • J

    Jesus lord almighty. There’s so much wailing and nashing of teeth in this thread that queerty’s collective makeup must be running all over its face. Let lance have his fun. He was in a crappy boy band, made a fortune and now his fifteen are spent. So he’ll party for a while and then quiet down and hopefully provide positively to the gay community like michael has. Until that time, stop your bitchin’. :P

  • cruiser

    @J: Thank you! Somebody neede to tell that preachy loudmouth whereto get off(and not in a good way)I can’t stand people who think they have to get on their soapbox and procede(sp?)to tell evryone else what they should do, think or whatever. Lance is a single, attractive young man with no tie downs right now, let him enjoy himself(after all he’s just going to turn 30). Sounds to me as tho No. 55 is overly jealous because he isn’t in the same place, well guess what…a lot of are in the same boat but still resspect someone else’ right to enjoy themselves.

  • boytroy

    I just don’t understand why so many want to tear down one of the greatest gay artists of all time. Lance was a member of one of the most prolific musical acts of our era. His talent as a singer, dancer and entertainer knows no bounds. He has penned a deep and moving memoir of his life that should be required reading for all of us. He has associated himself with some of the greatest human beings of all times such as his former love Reichen, another gay hero. All the time Lance has managed to remain one of the hottest men alive. The fact that he is overlooked by People magazine as a candidate for “sexiest man alive” is an outrage. These photos are just proof of his charisma, charm and ability to attract friends who are not only handsome, but profound human beings in their own right. My hats off to Lance for being a role model we can all look up to aspire to be like. If there had been someone like him when I was younger I might have had the courage to be more than just a physician. Leave Lance alone and let him stand as one of our great leaders of all times. One day he will be a saint just like Harvey Milk. You wait and see.

  • vince

    his talent knows no boundaries. Probably that’s why he’s always been a backup in the band and nobody ever let him sing one solo.

    come on hes been in this band to make the rest of the boys look better.
    he never had anything to say (as the rest of them unfortunaltely) and now he desperately holds on to the very only feature that makes him remotely interesting – being gay.

  • Chitown Kev

    I sense that #58 is pure snark.

  • afrolito

    The man went on a vacation with his fags (and random hag?). It’s not the end of the world, or a sad statement on the culture of gay men. Should he apologize for being young and rich? Get over it.

    I think he has a nice bod, but I still can’t get past his face. It’s FUG, but he seems like a nice enough dude.

    Now the blonde guy…

  • LW

    New hot body but Lance is still a double-bagger. What a profoundly unattractive man. Kudos to him for being able to still ho it up with some hotties, though.

    Normally, I would never say anything like that about someone’s appearance, but he’s only famous for having being marketed as cute in a boy band. Fraud, really.

  • QueenZafrona

    Would someone stick a hook in Miley Crisis’ Ass and fry her for the night? Maybe some omega 3 might leak out.

  • cruiser

    @boytroy: A little snarky are we?!

  • cruiser

    @LW: Jealous much?

  • cruiser

    @QueenZafrona: To be honest with you I don’t think it would do any good!

  • Ousslander

    @vince: but they do keep you warm and nourished

  • Jason

    i know this is politically incorrect, but Lance has always looked like he has down’s syndrome. I don’t know what it is, but every time I see his face I see a guy with down’s syndrome.

  • michael

    Whoa! Do you think that the reason that gay guys are so good at ripping people to shreds stems from being made fun of and ridiculed growing up? Until I came out and became part of the gay community I never realized how caddy and downright shitty so many can be. I guess when one is abused for the way they look and behave then they are highly likely to grow up and do the same. Its sad that the only way we often know how to feel better about ourselves is to look down upon others we see as less than us.
    Its sad how bad our self esteem still is. Jason, get some help.

  • KB

    Miley, you’re better served by learning the difference between “then” and “than” as opposed to criticizing people for what they choose to blog about. “Nothing to do with their time then hang out in the gym or worry about who they are having sex with that night?” Your statement “Let’s get real” should be uttered when YOU look in the mirror and realize how ridiculous it is that you are judging people by photos taken by someone else, blogged by someone else, and has nothing to do with who they do or don’t have sex with.

    Think about it.

  • carlos

    @Miley Crisis:
    LOL, you sound SO JEALOUS! Don’t be bitter!

  • cruiser

    @Jason: You’re right, it is polictally incorrect, but, you do have somethingof a point, he does appear to have Downes either that or he just has that blank look naturally :)

  • Alan

    Lance totally used these guys on this vacation and i don’t mean sexually. word is out from a friend of his that he hardly knows them, nothing happened but the photos that were taken, he released these pics to salvage his NON CAREER. what a freaking user…
    who needs friends like that?

  • Alan

    @RE: Lance has an 8 pack. And yet, he really doesn’t look ripped in his chest. Weird.


    Of course those aren’t his real abs…. what a loser…

  • Danielle

    Vince, If you think Lance isn’t talented because Justin hoged all of the solos than you obviously haven’t cared to look up is singing. Lance is a bass voice and the group needed him for 5 part harmonys and stuff. Without Lance the group would sound like shit. Lance has benn on Broadway singing on musicals which they don’t let anyone do. He’s richer than you or i’ll ever be so why hate, you jelous?

  • Pajvz

    Guanabana Ecuador?
    All you posted here is a BIG lie!

  • henrique rocha

    bid this friend of the blonde is very beautiful, nice

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