Bruce lets loose

Holy Eggplant! Batman goes full-frontal in new comic, and Gotham is unprepared

Turns out that codpiece on the Batsuit isn’t for nothing! Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman goes full-frontal in a new Batman comic, and suffice it to say, he’s been hiding quite the sidekick under that armor all these years.

The superhero strips down midway through the first issue of Batman: Damned, a three-part series from Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo. It’s the first release from DC’s Black Label, an imprint geared toward mature audiences.

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In the print version of Damned #1, the shadowy outlines of the Bat Penis can be seen in three frames of the scene, while a fourth shows off Batman’s bare butt. (You can get a glimpse at Vice.)

Once they had a chance to regain their composure, Twitter users aired their thoughts about the disrobed Dark Knight.

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“Batman truly IS the hero we need right now,” wrote one.

“Do you think Batman calls his penis ‘Dick Grayson’?” wondered another, citing Robin’s alter-ego.

And a third Twitter user is asking the hard questions: “Why did they give Batman a big d—k? Does he not already have enough?”

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Unfortunately, Bruce’s full-frontal nudity is censored in the digital version of the comic, but the NSFW print version might mean DC Comics has a new attitude toward its heroes and villains showing skin. The company previously censored a nude sex scene between the Joker and Harley Quinn in Sean Murphy’s Batman: White Knight, and that scene will remain censored even when the series is re-released as a collection under the Black Label imprint next month.

Meanwhile, to see Batman in the buff, check out Batman: Damned #1 at DC Comics and at comics shops near you. (Or just head here.)

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