As Expected, Man’s DIY Penis Enlargement Surgery Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong

The 13cm steel rod removed from Niu's penis.
The 13cm steel rod removed from Niu’s penis.

A Chinese man has learned the hard way why DIY penis enlargement surgery is not a good idea.

52-year-old Kang Niu was unhappy with his lovemaking abilities. His penis didn’t get as long, thick, or hard as he wanted. Rather than taking something like, say, Viagra, he came up with what we thought was a far better solution: Inserting a sharp steel rod down the center of his urethra to “reinforce” his manhood.

What could possibly go wrong, right?

How the man managed to insert the entire 13cm rod into his dong without passing out, we don’t know. (Nor do we want to.) But the results were truly horrifying.

Niu quickly found that when he tried having sex, the rod shot backwards into his body, stabbing him in the bladder.

Embarrassed by what he had done, Niu didn’t tell anyone for several months, hoping the rod would naturally pass from his body in his urine. When it didn’t, and when the pain because so severe he could hardly walk, he checked into a local hospital.

The x-ray showing the 13cm steel rod trapped in Niu’s urinary tract.

Doctors took an X-ray and were shocked by what they discovered. The 13cm-long steel rod had become deeply lodged in Niu’s urinary tract. When they asked him about it, Niu said he came up with the “genius” idea all by himself.

A hospital spokesman told the media: “He believed that using this would give him a prolonged sexual experience.”

Of course, Niu isn’t the only man unhappy with the length and girth of his dong. A recent survey by the U.K.’s Observer found that 21 percent of men are discontent with their penis sizes. As a result, “Penoplasty” has become a growing trend in England.

Earlier this year, Billy-Tom O’Connor went on a morning news program to talk about his penis enlargement surgery. He  told an interviewer he wanted “an absolute monster,” so he paid to have his penis pumped up to the size of a 10-inch hairspray bottle. (See the NSFW pictures here.)

So what’s going to happen to Niu? The hospital would not say whether he will suffer permanent damage as a result of the DIY surgery. But here’s hoping he never tries it again. (Though, honestly, we wouldn’t put it past him.)

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