Anti-Gay Reverend Refuses To Apologize

Homeless Homo Kicked To The Curb

Talk about bad religion. A Colorado pastor allegedly tossed a homeless man on his ass after finding out he’s a homo. John Garon had been staying at the Open Doors Mission for about three weeks, but found himself on the street when Reverend Richard Thebo discovered Garon’s a gay.

Garon tells The Coloradan,

He said ‘I don’t allow homosexuals to use these facilities… I was blown away … To be put out for something I can’t change has profoundly impacted me.

Thebo admits he booted Garon, saying that while the shelter allows gay to eat, bath and socialize, they draw the line at providing a safe place to sleep: “I will not let them exert their sexuality here. Men have to sleep next to other men (in the shelter).” And, as we all know, gay men are incapable of sleeping next to another man without becoming ravenous sexual beasts.

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  • Graywolf48

    Bet this shelter gets federal funds through Bush’s faith based program. Good Christian. Apparently the “Open Doors Mission” is not open to everyone.

    Then again, maybe Rev. Thebo can’t stand any competition in his shelter when it comes to putting the fear of “God” into another man, so to speak.

  • Worthless Bum

    Believe me, this Thebo character doesn’t like anybody. I was on staff there when Garon was staying at the mission and I don’t recall any incident occurring. What they do is create a scenario out of thin air as an excuse to get rid of people they don’t want. I was told it was Thebo’s policy to reject homosexuals from his right-hand bum, Robert Howell, and if I didn’t I’d be asked to leave—rudely asked to leave.

    I finally had enough of Thebo’s blatant hypocrisy and left. I’d rather sleep in a ditch than with a hateful, self-righteous hypocrite.

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