Do Anything, Anybody For Bed

Homeless Homos Desperate

Britain’s homeless gays have mastered what we could only wish to accomplish:

Albert Kennedy Trust chief executive Tim Sigsworth, told the Homeless Link conference last week that young homosexual men were going to bars and cafes and surfing gay websites to find people who would give them a room in return for sex.

‘A lot of young people coming to us are using internet cafes and gay bars too often when they are homeless,’ he said. ‘Sometimes it will be a one-night stand but end up as 10 nights because it’s a bed.’

We can’t get a guy to sleep with us ten consecutive nights and we have a house! With a bed!

We may may jest, but homeless advocate Gayle Jones knows the situations no joke:

There’s a lot of drug and alcohol use in the gay scene. A lot revolves around bars and clubs. If you are young, you have lost your friends and family and feel low about yourself, you will not be bothered about going off with someone who makes you feel better, gives you a bed for the night and shower in the morning.

Even when the bed, shower and “comfort” involve abuse, which, sadly, it often does… So, why don’t these queers go to a hostel? Because many hostels refuse them, that’s why, and the problem’s hardly just British.

An American lesbian named recently settled a case with Chicago’s New Life Shelter after they refused to help her for her gay ways.