Hometown of soccer player Jake Daniels marks his coming out in unique way

Soccer player Jake Daniels
Soccer player Jake Daniels (Photo: Twitter)

Earlier this week, 17-year-old professional soccer player Jake Daniels came out as gay. It made him the first UK player to do so in over 30 years.

He was met with overwhelming support, with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeting a congratulatory message. Representatives for Daniels’ soccer club, Blackpool FC, also said how proud of the player they were.

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Now the wider town of Blackpool, in the north of England, has also shown its visible support.

Blackpool, on the northwest coast of Lancashire, is famed as a summertime coastal resort, primarily for blue-collar Brits (it has a slight Coney Island vibe). It offers a big Pleasure Beach with a massive rollercoaster and the iconic Blackpool Tower, built in 1894.

It announced it was lighting up the tower in alternating rainbow colors and orange light for the rest of this week. Tangerine is the official color of Blackpool FC’s players’ jerseys.

Daniels, who was born in the village of Bispham, just outside Blackpool, was touched by the amazing show of support and tweeted his thanks.

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LGBTQ sports fans are hoping Daniels’ decision to come out at the start of his career will prompt other professional soccer players to do so.

Other people to post messages of support to Daniels include Elton John, Matt Lucas, and Ian McKellen.

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